The Back Page, September 2012

Sept. 4, 2012


Our September, 1992 issue marked the beginning of a new era as Bill Reed retired from Locksmith Ledger. Padlocks were the theme of the September issue beginning with an article on the Fort Brute hockey puck lock. Master Lock suggested their various display racks as a way to increase impulse sales.  A line of Hercules padlocks was featured.  An interesting history of Harry Soref and the Master laminated padlock he invented still makes good reading.  Another article of interest showed how the Abloy disc system operates and how it is put to use in Abloy padlocks. Gil-Ray tools explained what it takes to sharpen key cutter blades. Charles Cole reported on lock products made by Trimark.  A second Trimark article suggested the Trimark 60-300 deadbolt which is especially good for thin trailer doors.  Locksmasters was sending a group of experts around the country in 1992 to train locksmiths.  A Midland advertisement featured portable radios which were slightly smaller than a cigar box. Miniaturization has changed all that today.  T.C. Mickley showed how padlocks from American Lock could be keyed alike with a residential house key. Milt Wolferseder serviced a Meilink home safe. Another safe article shows how to drill open a round door safe by Meilink (sold under the Sierra Safe Name).  Seth Pehr explained some of his tips for fitting desk lock keys by code.  


Padlocks were also featured in the September 2002 issue. Jerry Levine reported on the series 2500 padlock by American Lock.  Tim O’Leary liked the Cisa line of padlocks sold by Lockey Corporation.  Jerry Levine installed a Yale cylindrical deadbolt. Dale Bowman, Medeco Security Locks, discussed the retrofit capabilities of the Medeco Keymark lock cylinders. Jerry Levine also reported on the lock system used on a Ford Think, an electric, golf-cart sized vehicle that did not last very long before discontinuation.  Detex introduced their Detex value series alarmed exit device.  Michael Tierney summarized the recent revisions to BHMA standards. Dick Zunkel took a trip to China and reported on the kind of lock security systems used there.  A special report showed various designs of decorative residential hardware. Locksmith Dave Vandervelde discovered a new key code series for Haworth furniture. Jeff Trepanier provided information on basic lock cylinder servicing. Jeff continued with information on fitting keys to a GMC/Isuzu cab-over-engine W4 truck. Tim Oleary explained the different types of batteries used for access control backup systems.  Richard Maurer reported on ways to used exit devices to increase building security.

ALOA Convention Replay

The 2012 ALOA convention in Las Vegas has come and gone, but the memories linger on. During a lively meeting on Thursday, the membership voted to change the name of Associated Locksmiths of America to ALOA Security Specialists Association.  The convention show floor seemed slightly busier than in past years and most exhibitors seemed satisfied with attendance. Key machines seemed to be a popular attraction and several vendors had new models to demonstrate. The busiest booths seemed to be those who had automotive- oriented tools and supplies on display.  It was interesting to see that Ford and Nissan both had their latest truck models on the convention floor. Next year when ALOA will be in Baltimore, MD.