Delta Lock Has The Cabinet Lock You Need

Sept. 5, 2012
Key removable core cabinet locks, sliding showcase door locks, desk locks and IC locks are available in a wide range of styles and sizes.

Delta Lock is a new company featuring a large inventory of cabinet locks for every purpose. Key removable core (KRC) cabinet locks should be of specific interest to locksmiths. A special red key can be used to easily remove the lock plug without lock disassembly.  A unique keyway is used to deter unauthorized key duplication. More than 800 key code numbers are available.

KRC-US locks use inch dimensioning so locks are an exact replacement of existing cabinet locks. KRC-US locks are available as cam locks, locks for gang locking systems and deadbolt or springlatch diamondback locks.  KRC locks can be match-keyed into existing systems from several other popular lock manufacturers.

In addition, several models of Delta KRC-US locks are available for sliding showcase doors.  A standard KRC-US glass showcase lock has a friction-fit onto the sliding glass door. A second Delta sliding glass showcase lock, model ADHE (photo 1), uses a ratchet assembly which is furnished with special adhesive to permanently bond the ratchet body to the sliding glass door surface.  Both sliding glass lock types contain an extra-long projection over the glass to prevent forced entry. Other available Delta showcase models are designed to be installed into pre-drilled holes in sliding glass display cabinet doors.

Delta Lock also has a line of KRC-EA locks which use millimeter dimensioning. Desk locks in this series have a rectangular body. With the steady influx of imported cabinet locks, locksmiths should also find a strong need for the KRC-EA lock series.

Delta Locks also carry a full line of lock products which accept IC cores. The Delta IC line includes mortise and rim cylinders, padlock and file cabinet versions, plus several cabinet and cam lock models.

Another lock of interest in the Delta IC line is a heavy duty showcase lock for sliding glass doors (photo 2). The ratchet housing is permanently fastened to the glass surface with a furnished adhesive. The extra-long projection arm contains a rubber pad. The pad can be trimmed or removed as necessary to form a tighter connection between the lock and sliding glass door. 

For added security, Delta Lock has the Deltamatic Infinity series of cam locks, diamondback deadbolt and latch type desk locks, ganglocks and showcase locks for either glass doors, wood doors or sliding glass doors with pre-existing holes to accept a lock. Deltamatic Infinity locks use a tubular key locking system. Keyways are standard size, so blanks such as Ilco 1137B or Jet 137B can be used for duplication.  According to Delta Lock, their 7-pin Small Format IC (SFIC) cores are "equivalent in form, fit and function..." to existing SFIC locks cylinders.

In addition to the Deltamatic Infinity line, Delta Lock also has a field-changeable Deltamatic 8-Code line of products. A special change key inserted into the Deltamatic 8 locks can rotate the lock unit to eight different positions. The combination is then instantly changed to one of eight different operating keys.  Deltamatic 8 locks can be match-keyed to operate with existing field-changeable lock systems such as Fort Lock and Chicago Lock.         

Delta Lock is the service center for MIZ micro size cam locks and EVERGOOD cabinet locks.  Delta Lock can also furnish duplicates for ABBA (Delta Control) push-in type keys often found on display cabinets in chain stores such as Walmart.  Because of their unique shape, Delta Lock refers to Delta Control keys as 'Christmas tree' keys.  With the exception of Delta Control, key blanks for all Delta Lock systems can be ordered. 

For further information contact Delta Lock, 366 Central Ave., Bohemia, NY 11716. Telephone: (855) 80 DELTA (33582). Web: