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Dec. 2, 2011


Key machines were featured in the December, 1991 Locksmith Ledger. Dimark International explained their line of Borkey key machines (now sold by MBA USA).  Ilco showed three unique machines including their 030 machine which can cut two flat safe deposit keys at the same time, the 031 machine designed to cut large detention lock keys and the KD75 machine with an automatic feed system.  Assa High Security Locks showed their Alpha key system which had factory precut side cuts. Assa recommended the Framon PS6000T key machine which is a dedicated machine for originating Assa Twin 6000 keys.  T.C. Mickley reviewed security window curtain from Security Screens, Inc. Charles Cole reported on the Toyota Camry locks which used split tumblers.   Chuck Charter completed his three-part article on door closer installation.  Gale Johnson showed how to make shims for holding Chicago double-sided keys for duplication or origination.  Olympus Lock showed their products can be used to lock sliding showcase doors.  T.C. Mickley studied the special keybows available from Kustom Key.  Ledger listed the possible problems which could cause a safe lock to malfunction.  Allan Halverson continued his series on repairing a safe lock after penetration while Milt Wolferseder showed how to open a Hayman safe.


Not long after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, editor Gale Johnson vacationed in the Carolinas and reported on the patriotic signs he found.  Tools of the Trade was the topic of the December 2001 issue. Tim O'Leary listed some important tools for doing electronic installations.  Jerry Levine picked out some interesting tools for automotive locksmithing.  Tom Gillespie reported on the latest lock servicing tools from Pro-Lok.  Jerry Levine also tested the HPC MasterKing computer program.  Gale Johnson reported on the new Honda sidewinder system for 2002. Although there quickly seemed to be a poor key to tumbler connecting surface, Honda later extended the sidewinder system to most models. Jerry Levine how to service the new Ford ignition locks which were no longer equipped with a sidebar.  Dick Zunkel offered servicing ideas for exit devices which used electronic latch retraction.  Greg Drake described Code Compliant exit devices from Detex.  Tiny showed lock servicing procedures for a 2001 Chevrolet 1500 pickup. The complete console series 001-175 is included in the article.  Ledger reported on the new LaGard dual-hand swingbolt safe lock.


Haworth introduced a new furniture lock system in September. The code series is HW001-HW300. 'HW' is clearly stamped on the plug face.  HW key blanks are similar in shape to an Ilco LF7 blank with offset shoulders and a single groove on one side of the blank. The LF7 blank cannot be used because the Haworth blank is larger and wider than the LF7.  This HW key system uses six tumblers, three per side.  A seventh tumbler in the lock plug serves as the retainer.  A key blank shaped similar to an Ilco LF9 is used as the removal key.  The LF9 is also not wide enough to operate the retainer tumbler which is located at the rear of the lock plug.   A usable key blank for the HW series could not be found after searching through aftermarket key catalogs.  Haworth apparently considers this new series as a restricted system.  For now we will have to send customers to a Haworth outlet until an enterprising aftermarket supplier produces these new blanks.