MUL-T-LOCK LOCK 500: Adaptable Security for any Door or Window Opening

Jan. 15, 2005
Adaptable Security For Any Door Or Window Opening

Adaptable Security For Any Door Or Window Opening
Mul-T-Lock has introduced the adaptable solution for adding security to any door or window opening: the patent pending Lock 500 multi-point, surface-mounted bolt lock. The Lock 500 is constructed of an aluminum alloy body with approximately 9/16? diameter hardened steel locking bolts. Operating like a gear-driven deadbolt, the Lock 500 bolts are extended and retracted through the rotation of the key or thumb turn. This twin bolt lock mechanism has an adjustable throw of 1-3/8? or 3-3/4. Each locking bolt throw can be configured differently.

The Lock 500 can be configured as a rim lock mechanism using a half-cylinder operated from the interior. For exterior and interior keying capability, the Lock 500 can be equipped with a single-sided profile lock cylinder with thumb turn or double-sided profile lock cylinder. The exterior lock cylinders are protected by hardened steel cylinder protectors and rotating anti-drill disks. Standard lock cylinders accommodate a 1-3/4? thick door. For thicker door applications, contact the factory.

The Lock 500 is available with Mul-T-Lock high security European profile lock cylinders incorporating the Classic or patented Interactive lock mechanism. These pick- and drill-resistant lock cylinders use the telescopic pin tumbler system.

The Lock 500 is available in a variety of standard lengths in graduated sizes from 29-1/2? up to 118-1/8?. Lengths can be modified to fit most applications. The Lock 500 can be installed vertically or horizontally to accommodate most door and window configurations.

To accommodate the different applications, Mul-T-Lock has developed several strike configurations. For vertical installations, Mul-T-Lock has an in-floor sleeve strike that has a spring loaded cover. For horizontal installation, there is a flat strike plate. In addition, surface-mounted bracket strikes are available.

For this article, we will install a Lock 500 onto the sample mount using a double-sided profile lock cylinder.

Step 1. Lift off the black plastic cover from the inside handle. Use a 3mm hex wrench to remove the two hex head screws.

Step 2. Remove the cover by sliding a small straight slot screwdriver between the base and the aluminum cover. Carefully lift the screwdriver to disengage the cover. Remove the cover.

Step 3. Remove the locking mechanism including the lock end pieces from each end of the base.

Step 4. Measure the opening in which the Lock 500 will be mounted. For this installation, the opening is 32?.

Step 5. Mount the cover onto the base. This way, the cut will be made through both the cover and the base at the same time.

Step 6. From the center of the base, measure 16 inches in each direction and draw a line.

Step 7. Draw a second line 3/8? towards the center from each line. A clearance of 3/8? is required from each edge of the base to each strike to accommodate movement of the door or window.

Step 8. Use a hacksaw to make the two cuts.

Step 9. Remove the cover from the base and de-burr the edges.

Step 10. Place the base against the mount at the desired backset. Important: Make certain the base is perpendicular to the door edge.

Step 11. Mark the center of the base. Draw a line 5/16? beneath the center line to accommodate the cylinder protector.

Step 12. Drill a 1-5/8? diameter opening for the cylinder protector. Note: Drill through both sided of the door to eliminate damage to the faces of the door.

Step 13. Mount the cylinder protector onto the base using the four Phillips head screws. If the door/window is thicker than 1-3/4?, spacers will be needed.

Step 14. Slide the two lock end pieces onto the base.

Step 15. Slide the mounted cylinder protector into the drilled opening.

Step 16. Position the base perpendicular to the edge of the door.

Step 17. Secure the base to the door using one-inch flat head wood screws. Use six screws to mount each lock end piece and additional screws along the length of the base.

Step 18. Install the lock mechanisms and adjust the length of the bolts to accommodate the new size.

Step 19. Install the black socket set screw into the profile cylinder hole. Adjust the set screw that the threads are of equal length on both sides.

The three gears and two racks must be timed to extend the bolts and still permit the key to be removed in the locked and unlocked positions. To time the Lock 500, continue with Step 20.

Step 20. Retract the bolts into the lock end pieces.

Step 21. Slide the anti-drilling rotating disk onto the exterior side of the lock cylinder.

Step 22. Insert the lock cylinder into the mechanism.

Step 23. Position the racks onto the gears with one rack having two teeth at the end past the final gear and the other rack having one tooth at the end past the final gear. This times the movement of the bolts.

Step 24. Adjust the bolt lengths and place the slides onto the racks.

Step 25. Place the inner cover onto the base and secure using the mounting screws.

Step 26. Adjust the position of the bolt throw for each bolt. For the longer bolt throw, set the gate to permit full movement. For the shorter bolt throw, set the gate to permit limited movement. Open the door and use the key to operate the lock mechanism.

Step 27. Locate and install the strikes. Test the operation of the lock mechanism.

The Mul-T-Lock Lock 500 can be installed onto wood, metal, and glass doors, as well as roll-up doors and windows. The lock is available in white, brown, and black epoxy finishes. The Lock 500 can be keyed for external, internal, single- or double-sided locking.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or MUL-T-LOCK USA, Inc., 300-1 Route 17 South, Suite 7, Lodi, NJ 07644. Telephone: 800-562-3511. Fax: 973-778-4007. Web site: .