Electrified Hardware Products

June 1, 2005
New electrified hardware offerings.

Adams Rite eTRIM™
Electrified trim is available for the full line of Adams Rite exit devices. It allows doors to be locked tight for increased security, but enables remote unlocking in the event of a fire or other emergency. eTrim™ (3080E Series) meets strict ADA guidelines and complies with fire, life safety and building standards.

  • Heavy duty clutch protects locked lever
  • Field rehandable
  • Meets Grade 1 requirements
  • Range of finishes
  • Three handle styles: Traditional, Modern and Contemporary

CompX eLock

The CompX eLock is a standalone access control electronic lock with a gear driven latch. Powered by four AA batteries (6 volt), the eLock can be mounted on cabinet doors and drawers, medical carts, patient files, hospital/pharmacy refrigerators — anywhere access control is needed or required.

The eLock comes in five models: keypad, magnetic stripe, proximity reader, magnetic stripe/keypad, and proximity reader/keypad. All eLock units are compatible with 12 volt door strikes.

Supervisors can add and delete users at the unit or they can utilize the optional LockView™ software. All eLock units come with 250 user slots. The Windows™ based LockView™ provides: audit trails of up to 1500 access attempts, time based restrictions, dual credential requirements, assign access rights between users/supervisors and eLocks in the database, and create user groups.

For more information, visit www.compxnet.com.

Marks 'Clutch'

Electrified Survivor Series locksets with the "CLUTCH" are available for operation as either electrically locked or unlocked. When locked, the Survivor's clutch disengages the outside lever, allowing it to turn freely without opening the latch. Marks locksets with the "CLUTCH" survive where rigid levers fail. Proprietary lever support springs eliminate lever droop. MARKS USA locksets feature lifetime mechanical warranty. Survivor locksets are UL listed for 3-hour fire rating and satisfy all ADA requirements. For more information, call 631-225-5400 or visit www.marksusa.com.

Norton LEO™

Norton Door Controls' 5700 Series Low Energy Operator (LEO) is a new generation of power door operators. The patented design of LEO™ is based on ease and simplicity. Units can be purchased for push or pull side applications and can be activated by a motion sensor, radio frequency device or wall switch. The 5700 Series is the ideal choice for physician's offices and retirement facilities. For more information, visit www.nortondoorcontrols.com.

Command PS1/PS1-2

The PS1 and the PS1-2 from Command Access Technologies are high performance, low cost solutions for powering electrically latch-retracting exit devices. Both the PS1 and PS1-2 offer 20 amp relays and the on-board surge to power one or two devices respectfully. These power supplies offer raw, unregulated DC current, ideal for the extreme inrush requirement of most solenoid-driven electric latch-retracting exit devices. The power supply is housed in a sturdy yet compact metal enclosure. For more information, visit www.commandaccess.com.

Trine Strike Assembly Program

Five premium Axion (TM) 3000 series strikes can now be purchased in two ways: as complete strikes or in two component parts. The parts come packaged as single unit mechanism bodies and face plates. From these, complete strikes are assembled as required by the distributor or retailer. Thus, an order can be filled for the desired strike exactly when it is needed. Assembly is simple and takes minutes for any strike in the series. All strikes feature a 1" total backset (the smallest in the industry), 1200 lbs. holding force, 500,000 life cycle durability and an all stainless steel locking mechanism. For more information, visit www.trineonline.com.

SDC Electric Hinge

The new SDC PTH series electric power transfer hinge has been tested for 800,000 cycles, is UL 10B Listed and bares the 'F' mark for use on three-hour fire rated doors, and is covered by a wire replacement warranty. Installed in the center hinge position of the door, PTH series electric hinges provide the concealed wires required between the door and the frame to power and monitor access controlled locks. Standard weight, 4.5" x 4.5" hinges include choice of four or 10 wires. Options include integrated door status switch for remote door open/closed status and heavy weight models. SDC electric hinges are ideally suited for use with electrified mortise and cylindrical locks, delayed egress exit devices, electric trim and electric strikes installed on pairs of doors.

Jackson MK 1

Jackson Corporation's new MK I access control unit provides dual point latching and can be used with any Jackson concealed vertical rod exit device in both new and retrofit applications. The MK I system is fail-safe and fail-secure, has continuous dogging capability and can be used on both pairs and single doors. For more information, visit www.jacksonexit.com.