New Hitchsafe Conceals Valuables

March 1, 2006
This new product is a sliding drawer which is secured with a four-wheel combination lock.

This new product from the Frank J. Martin Co. is comprised of a sliding drawer which is secured with a four-wheel combination lock and mounted onto a standard trailer hitch.

This new HitchSafe from Frank J. Martin Company solves the problem of where to store keys, a driver’s license, credit card or other small valuables during any outdoor excursion. There is no reason to carry a credit card or car keys while hiking deep in the woods or riding the waves, but until now there has not been a simple way to leave them secured in a vehicle.

The Hitchsafe solution is comprised of a sliding drawer which is secured with a four-wheel combination lock. The drawer unit fits into a case made of square tubing. The outer dimension of the square tubing is designed to fit into a standard trailer hitch receiver. Special retainer hitch pins fit into the trailer hitch through existing holes which would be normally designed to retain the removable ball unit. HitchSafe retainer pins then fit into the HitchSafe unit and are secured by sliding brackets. No tools are required for either installation or removal. HitchSafe can be easily installed or removed in a few seconds.

HitchSafe units can be installed in trailer hitches having vertical and horizontal inner dimensions of two inches. This includes most trailer hitch receivers used on light trucks but may preclude use on some passenger cars which sometimes use a smaller diameter, lighter duty hitch receiver. HitchSafe literature is geared toward the truck accessory market. Popular SUVs and trucks are a ready market as more and more of them are equipped with hitches for towing boats and campers to faraway destinations.

Drawer dimensions are limited by the two-inch-square receiver size. The drawer area measures approximately 3 ½” deep, 1 ¼” wide and 1 11/16” high. Special grooves in the drawer and housing allow wider credit cards and driver’s licenses to be easily inserted on a 45-degree angle.

A four-wheel combination lock eliminates the need for keys and provides 10,000 possible combinations. A set screw located on the side of the drawer is used to change the combination to any four numbers of the owner’s choice. The owner must first dial the existing number; then the set screw must be turned 90 degrees clockwise so the slot is in a vertical position. Now the wheels are free and can be turned to any new four-digit combination. The set screw is then turned counter-clockwise to retain the new combination. When the correct combination is dialed, a release tab located on the face of the unit can be pushed downward to retract the dual locking latches.

A safety feature incorporated into the HitchSafe prevents the drawer from being fully inserted into the unit unless the correct combination has been dialed. This prevents users from incorrectly changing the combination and then relocking the HitchSafe.

Finally, a very sturdy rubber cover is furnished with HitchSafe. This cover easily snaps on and off the drawer unit and protects the lock unit from road dirt, rain and snow. It is also sturdy enough to protect HitchSafe against small parking lot mishaps while at the same time hiding the fact that HitchSafe is even installed on the vehicle.