Discover Dorma: SKC Cylinder Program

Nov. 1, 2006
SKC security and keying capabilities begins with the new cylinder design.

Start with a clean piece of paper and design a lock cylinder plus a key control program unlike any other known system. Provide lock cylinders which can replace existing conventional and interchangeable core lock units in rim, mortise, key-in-knob and lever lock styles. Make a new system with a larger keying capacity than normal available systems. This was the job assignment given to Dorma engineers and Serialized Key Control (SKC) is the result of their efforts.

SKC security and keying capabilities begins with the new cylinder design. There are seven tumbler spaces in each cylinder which can provide over 16,000 individual change key cuts in a master key system. Compare this with standard six pin systems where only approximately 4,000 change key cuts may be available. In non-master keyed situations, Dorma SKC can provide 10 million key changes in a single keyway.

Tumbler spacing and depth increments have been designed to eliminate any restrictions caused by maximum adjacent cut problems. At the same time, Dorma seven pin cylinders fit into the same dimensions as normal six-pin cylinders. Finally, Dorma SKC lock cylinders are priced equal to that of traditional lock cylinders.

Key blanks are at the heart of the new Dorma SKC system. The patent pending SKC system provides protection against the development of aftermarket blanks for years to come. The special Dorma SKC keyways also prevent big box key duplicators from quickly duplicating extra keys.

Dorma SKC key blanks are laser engraved with an individual six-character serial number. There will be no duplication of serial numbers so each SKC key blank will have a unique number.

Each box of 50 key blanks will also have a unique box tracking number. An example might be ARHH. Each key in that box is factory stamped with the box number such as ARHH plus sequential numbers such as 01-50. Authorized locksmiths on the Dorma SKC program can order sealed boxes of SKC blanks from any stocking locksmith distributor.

Authorized Dorma SKC dealers are part of a web-based key authorization network. After taking delivery of each box of SKC key blanks, locksmiths log onto the Dorma internet site and confirm the serial numbers of the boxes which they have received. The new key blanks are then registered as part of the authorized Dorma dealer SKC inventory.

As dealers add new SKC customers, a site must be added by accessing the SKC authorization network on the internet. A site number and a site password are automatically generated for each new site. Duplicate documents containing the site number and password are then printed out by the dealer. One copy is given to the customer and one copy is kept in a secured location by the dealer.

It is important to keep a copy of each site document because you will need the site number whenever you make additional keys for that customer. On the local level, dealers have flexibility of details with each end-user. Requests such as who can have keys made and how many keys should be made can be worked out according to customer needs. Any special customer requests should be included on the printed documents for future reference.

Dealers must access the authorization network whenever duplicate SKC keys are requested by a customer.

After verifying customer information, a listing of key blank boxes in dealer inventory will be displayed on the screen. Following instructions on the screen, the dealer will select the amount of key blanks needed and the authorization network will remove those blanks from the dealer inventory.

Additional sections of the SKC website provide solutions for miscut keys, lost keys and using keys out of number sequence.

End-users can check their individual key system by accessing the Dorma website, End-users must know their individual password and site number. Built-in password protection provides the dealer with an opportunity to either give each employees an individual password to operate the Dorma SKC program or to prevent persons from entering the program.

This SKC program allows Dorma-approved hardware distributors and authorized SKC dealers to stock key blanks without compromising security or key control. Key duplication and sales of SKC lock cylinders is completed at a local level while the Dorma internet website serves as a focal point to record a history of transactions. Key tracking is done by recording only the key serial number and coded site number. Real site address, personal information and key bittings are kept by the local dealer and never sent over the internet.

For more information about the Dorma Serialized Key Control program contact: Dorma at 800-523-8483 or visit