Solve Hurculite Door Lock Problems

Jan. 1, 2007
Mul-T-Lock announces a simple, secure solution to the Hurculite lock dilemma.

For the uninitiated, Hurculite refers to a strong, dense glass material. Doors made of Hurculite usually have some type of supporting metal framework (rail) at the bottom and/or top of the door but there is seldom any vertical framework on the sides of the door. This presents an ‘open’ appearance to an entrance area but also provides less places to install locks or edge bolts. Locks are often installed in the top or bottom rails of Hurculite doors. Lock operation requires getting down on hands and knees to operate the lockset at floor level. Dirt and refuse can often clog the strike area causing a frequent need for servicing.

Lock replacement and even cylinder combination changing can often require door removal. This can be a risky and costly problem. This reporter can still remember the painful day when a Hurculite door being removed by our locksmith business suddenly disintegrated into a pile of glass shards.

Mul-T-Lock has just announced a simple, secure solution to the Hurculite lock dilemma. The GL100 series Glass Door Locks can be slipped onto a glass door at any convenient height. The ‘U’ shaped lock fits around the edge of the glass and requires no drilled holes into the glass. GL100 series locks are designed for doors having a glass thickness of 7/16” to 1/2”. Mul-T-Lock recommends the lock for indoor usage such as in malls or similar applications.

Many Hurculite door installations also have glass surrounding the door so there is no adjacent material for installing a standard box strike. Double door openings present the same problem. The Mul-T-Lock solution is part # KW-GL100D which is supplied with a corresponding strike unit designed to fit around the adjacent frame or second door edge to provide a locking attachment for the twin locking bolts.

When single door installations incorporate a metal or wood door frame, part #GL100S is the lock of choice. A normal mortised strike can then be installed to accept the twin locking bolts.

Rubber cover pads are attached to lock surfaces which come in contact with the glass. The pads protect the glass finish from scratches and provide a pressure fit to hold the lock in place on the door.

Mul-T-Lock glass door locks have a dual locking arrangement. The inner knob can be set to either an ‘in’ or ‘out’ position. When the knob is pressed inward, the glass door lock can be locked or unlocked from either side of the door. If the knob is pulled outward and the lock is then locked from the outside with a key, the lock cannot be unlocked from the inside. While this does provide added security, local fire authorities should be consulted for possible legal issues.

Mul-T-Lock glass door locks are equipped with a unique four-chamber high security lock cylinder and carry a limited lifetime mechanical warranty. Every owner with a full glass door is a potential customer once they discover the convenience of never again having to lay on the floor to lock their door.

For further information contact your local locksmith distributor or call Mul-T-Lock at: 800-562-3511.