New Residential Biolock by Sequiam

Feb. 1, 2007
This new product brings biometrics to the residential market.

Sequiam Corporation has teamed up with Black and Decker to make an interesting new deadbolt lock. Deadbolt units and key cylinders are marked by Weiser. That is where present technology ends and the future begins.

A Sequiam fingerprint reader is located behind the projection on the outer cylinder trim ring. The unlocking function can be accomplished with just one swipe of an enrolled finger. Three ‘taps’ of a finger on the fingerprint reader commands the unit to automatically lock.

The key cylinder is only used as a backup. Sequiam finger print readers are designed to be used 10,000,000 times without failure. The motorized deadbolt automatically locks and unlocks on commands from the fingerprint reader.

Modern fingerprint readers from Sequiam simplify the verification process. Users must insert a finger behind the trim ring projection and touch the first joint of their finger against the reader. A green or orange indicator light will quickly illuminate at which time the user will lightly touch the reader while sliding the finger back out. The sub-dermal reader actually inspects each fingerprint a short distance below the surface of the skin, so small amounts of moisture on the outer surface of the finger should not affect the reading.

A Biolock can store up to 50 different fingerprints. Sequiam recommends that each person enroll at least two fingers into memory just in case a cut or abrasion may occur on the primary finger being used. Fingers can be inserted behind the trim ring projection from either side. A user could actually enroll one finger from each hand. Thumbs cannot be enrolled.


Firmly grasp each side of the top inner lock cover, pull outward near the bottom of the cover to unsnap, and then swing the cover away from the inner housing. Biolock requires four AA batteries. Once the batteries are installed, a built-in display screen and keypad can be used to complete all programming. Press any button to activate the display screen. The keypad contains seven buttons: left, right, up, down, ‘check’, dash and enroll.

During initial programming after installation, the Biolock unit must be set for left or right hand unlocking. Select the ‘admin’ script on the display, then press ‘check’. Select ‘settings’ on the display, then press ‘check’. Select ‘deadbolt’ on the display, then press ‘check’. Two arrows on the display screen will point to the left and right sides of the Biolock unit. Highlight the arrow which points to the direction of the deadbolt, then press ‘check’.

The first user enrolled also becomes the administrator. To begin enrollment, press the enroll button twice, and then press the ‘check’ button. The display screen will indicate ‘enrolling 1 of 3’ and an indicator light on the outer trim ring will turn green. The person being enrolled must place the first joint of his or her finger against the sensor. When the indicator light turns orange, begin swiping the finger across the sensor until the sensor has been cleared by the finger. The light will then turn green and the display will show ‘enrolling 2 of 3.’ Reading of the finger must be done three times. After the third cycle, the display will show ‘enrolled user 1.’ Fingers can be enrolled starting from the left or the right side of the sensor, but each set of three enrollments must be completed from the same side.

An administrator must be present when each subsequent user is to be enrolled. First, activate the screen by pressing any button. Next, press the enroll button once. The administrator must then swipe his or her finger and be recognized by the Biolock before any new users can be enrolled. Once the Biolock is ready for enrolling, the same three reading cycles must be completed as described for enrolling an administrator.

Biolock also provides further controls for setting the amount of time for locking and relocking the deadbolt, setting the sensitivity of the biometric reader and changing the user who will have administrator privileges.

For pricing and ordering information, contact Sequiam Biometrics at 407-541-0773, extension 248.