Speciality Showcase

June 1, 2007

SearchAlert® Camouflage

New Camouflage SearchAlert ® combination luggage locks are recognized and accepted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for use at all U.S. and U.K airports for locking checked luggage, weapons' cases, tool boxes and fishing tackle boxes. Additional fashion colors include Sunshine Yellow, Hot Pink and Purple Grape.

All SearchAlert Locks from CCL Security Products feature a security window which changes from Green to Red when a TSA agent uses an override device to open the lock to hand-search luggage. They are Travel Sentry ® Approved. For information, visit www.cclsecurity.com.

Lokk-Latch PRO ® —SL

D&D Technologies introduces the Lokk-Latch PRO ® —SL, providing self-locking and self-latching security in a latch that won't rust, is horizontally and vertically adjustable, and features a 6-pin re-keyable lock.

Formed of super-strong engineering polymers with stainless steel components, it fits metal, wood & vinyl gates. A key is required to enter and exit (institutional function). Only one hole is drilled to connect the internal & external units. The latch fits posts up to 6”. For information, visit www.ddtechglobal.com.


The ShurLok provides security, convenience and peace-of-mind, all at a competitive price. ShurLoks feature a hardened steel shackle, zero-locking dials, solid brass internal mechanisms and the security of true four-digit encoding (for a total of 10,000 possible combinations). ShurLok is also the only mechanical lock box that uses a different combination to remove the shackle. This patented security feature ensures only the owner can remove the ShurLok. For information, visit www.shurlok-products.com.

Keyless Cam Lock

The new DualAxess keyless combination cam lock from CompX Security Products offers 10,000 possible combinations and is designed to replace standard cam locks in wood or metal applications for instant keyless access. The DualAxess' disc tumbler lock plug is used to override the combination and to change combination codes. The combination can only be changed with proper key and correct combination, and the lock plug is removable for easy re-keying. DualAxess is available in two cylinder lengths, 7/8” and 1-3/8”, and offers several keying options. For information, contact CompX Security Products (www.compx.com) or your local distributor.

Digital KeySafe

GE AccessPoint's Digital KeySafe is a simple-to-use pushbutton combination lock box with an LCD display showing the last nine access times so property owners know exactly when their home was accessed. The combination can be changed any time; more than 1,000 combos are available. It holds one house key and requires one CR2032 battery (included). Available in white, beige or gray, it comes with a one-year limited warranty. For information, visit www.GEsecurity.com.


The HitchSafe converts a key receiver into a vault. The 10,000-combination drawer holds spare keys and is great for outdoor sports where keys, license or cards can become lost. The vault portion of HitchSafe is secured from INSIDE receiver with sliding bars that interlock with hitch pins. It is concealed/protected with attractive dust cover. For information, visit www.hitchsafe.com.

Plunger Lock

Kenstan Lock Company designed the PL51 Series plunger lock to replace existing, old style bullet locks that have only five available key codes. This new series is available in our Disc Tumbler line, with either a standard or controlled keyway, our high-security Medeco ® line and our Keymatic (8 locks in 1) line, which offers thousands of key codes. The PL51 series offers a variety of security levels without having to modify the showcase or cabinet. For information, visit www.kenstan.com.


The Combi-Cam™ is a great solution in those environments where sharing keys is a hassle. The combination is easily changeable and replaces any ¾” keyed cam lock. The durable Combi-Cam™ is available in 3 cylinder lengths – 5/8”, 7/8” & 1 1/8”, can be installed in a manner that it is non-resettable and has 1,000 possible combinations. All sizes come in a chrome or black finish. For information, visit www.combi-cam.com.


The Combi-Bolt™ is an innovative new twist on the traditional sliding bolt. It provides convenient keyless security with a 10,000 possible combinations so there is no need to hassle with keys. The durable Combi-Bolt™ is all metal, installs in minutes and the combination can be changed any time. It is more secure than hasp and padlock designs with exposed shackles and is available in chrome, black or solid brass. For information, visit www.combi-bolt.com.

Cabinet Lock

Olympus Lock's new 931 Series is the only cabinet lock available for Medeco or Yale interchangeable cores. Our locks accept Medeco #32-0201 (6-pin) IC core cylinder, Yale #1210 Series (6-pin) IC core cylinder and ASSA's Yale (6-pin) compatible IC core. Locks are available in US26D or US3 finish and can be ordered optionally with key-retaining functionality. For information, visit www.olympus-lock.com.


With XTRONIC ® from Maxcess, you can instantly remaster your systems when a high master key is lost. Never again re-pin cylinders and cut new keys. Just walk to each lock, insert and remove the XTRONIC Re-Mastering Card and you instantly lock out the lost master. “XTRONIC” means “Completely Mechanical = No Electronics.” For information, visit www.Maxcess-card.com.