March 1, 2008
If lock replacement is out of the question, give your customers the option of replacing surface trim with an aftermarket product such as the Townsteel Rejuvenator. In this example, we retrofit a Schlage L Series mortise lock with the TownSteel Rejuvenator RMS Series Sectional Trim.

For many companies and corporations in today’s ecaqaaqonomic uncertainty, the funds available for security/ maintenance/handicap upgrades are becoming more limited. Some of your customers may be feeling the pinch. For this reason, they may not feel comfortable replacing operational mortise locks, even though their escutcheon may look worn and/or the levers have begun to sag or do not meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.
If lock replacement is out of the question, you can give your customers the option to replace the surface trim with an aftermarket product. TownSteel’s patent pending Rejuvenator product line is designed to retrofit onto most “through hole” ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 mortise locks. The Rejuvenator includes spring cages to return the lever to the level position. Therefore, in cases where buildings are required to meet ADA requirements, the original mortise case can still be used while upgrading to lever handles.

To complete the retrofit, the Rejuvenator includes stainless steel or forged brass levers and spring loaded trim tested to ANSI standards. The trim options include sectional and escutcheon with or without thumbturn. The sectional trim is a two and one-half inch diameter rose. The levers and the trim are available in a number of different configurations that should be compatible with most lock manufacturers’ standard styles.

Each Rejuvenator comes with three sets of spindles to accommodate ten different lock manufacturers mortise locks including:

• Arrow AM & BM Series
• Best 35 & 45 Series
• Cal-Royal M Series
• Corbin 2000 & 2200 Series
• Falcon M Series
• Marks
• PDQ MR series
• SARGENT 7800, 8200 and 9200 Series
• Schlage L Series
• Yale 8700 & 8800 Series

To make the Rejuvenator compatible, TownSteel developed a multi-position rose insert and spring cage. The lever is secured to the rose insert using a Tru-Arc ring. The rose insert has three different numbered (1, 2 and 3) locating options for the spindles. Each spring cage has five different lettered (A, B, C, D and E) locating options. The location of the through bolting and the position of the spring cage determine the placements.

To complete the compatibility issues regarding different spindle configurations, TownSteel includes three different sets of spindles and an outside mounting post. The different spindle sets are bagged and numbered Screw Pack Bag 2, 3 and 4. A table in the instructions identifies the mortise lock manufacturer, the rose insert number, spring cage letter and the screw pack bag number for the different mortise locks. Contact the factory for through bolted mortise locks not contained on the above list.


TownSteel provided a mounted sample of the Schlage L Series mortise lock with sectional trim. For the purpose of this article, I will retrofit a Schlage mortise lock, replacing the factory levers, sectional trim and spindles using the TownSteel Rejuvenator RMS Series, Sentinel lever style in a US26D Satin Chrome finish. The Schlage L Series sectional trim provided has a 2-1/8” diameter rose. The mortise lock thru bolting is at 12 and 6 o’clock.
According to the instructions, the Schlage L Series mortise lock uses the number one rose insert, the letter B spring cage position and the screw pack bag number 4.
Step 1. Unscrew the interior lever using a spanner wrench and lift off the rose.
Step 2. Remove the two Phillips Head screws securing the spring cage. Important: Note the direction of the arrows on the face of the spring cage.
Step 3. Slide the exterior trim assembly with the through posts off the spindle and the door. Important: Note the direction of the arrows on the face of the spring cage.
Step 4. Remove the spindles.
Step 5. Slide the included springs, one into each of the square spindle holes in the levers. These springs keep the spindles pushing against the mortise lock hub.
Step 6. Insert the two spindles into the mortise lock hub with the short ends of the spindles inserted into the hub.

Next, install the exterior rose insert, spring cage and the mounting posts onto the exterior face of the door.

Step 7. Insert the two mounting posts onto the rose insert. Slide each post through hole number one.
Step 8. Slide the spring cage onto the mounting posts through holes with the letter B. Make sure the direction of rotation on the Rejuvenator spring cage is the same as the spring cage removed. The lever should spring back when pressed down.
Step 9. Slide the outside rose insert with lever, spring cage and mounting posts through the thru holes in the lock case. Keep pressure against the heads of the mounting posts to ensure they slide through the mortise case.
Step 10. Insert the spring into the opening in the interior side lever insert lever.
Step 11. Insert the two mounting post screws through the number one openings in the lever insert. The mounting post screws have a dab of blue thread lock adhesive.
Step 12. Insert the spring cage onto the mounting post screws through the holes with the letter B. Make sure the direction of rotation on the Rejuvenator spring cage is the same as the spring cage removed.
Step 13. Slide the inside rose insert with lever onto the face of the door, making sure the spindle slides into the spring loaded square opening in the lever.
Step 14. While keeping the rose insert against the door face, install the two inside mounting screws into the mounting posts.
Step 15. Test the operation of the mortise lock with the door open. If the levers do not rotate in the proper direction, the lever’s spring cage is not properly installed.
Step 16. Install the two roses onto the inserts to complete the installation. The notch in the roses should be placed along the bottom. Test the operation of the mortise lock.

Installing a TownSteel Rejuvenator does not require the removal of the mortise case from the door. On locks equipped with sectional trim, only the levers, trim, spring cages and spindles must be removed.
The Rejuvenator sectional trim, the RMS Series is available in US26D Satin Chrome or US32D Satin Stainless Steel with a choice of Imperial, Sentinel or Tango lever.

For more information, contact TownSteel Inc., 707 N. Barranca Ave., Building #6, Covina, CA 91723. Telephone: 877-858-0888 or 626-858-5080. Fax: 626-858-3393. Web Site: