March 1, 2008
PACLOCK’s hockey-puck lock model 2170XIC with “Sleeve-X” was installed in a Dodge Astro locksmith service van. The finished job looks good, is easy to use and adds a huge amount of security to an otherwise vulnerable vehicle.

There are tens of thousands of work vans in use and every one is a candidate for additional security. One of the easiest ways to increase security is with a bolt-on hasp and ‘hockey puck’ type padlock. It is easy to install, highly secure and presents visual proof that the vehicle is fortified against forced entry. Locksmith Ledger visited the jobsite as a local locksmith installed a hasp system mad by Pacific Lock (PACLOCK).

PACLOCK recently introduced a hockey-puck lock model 2170XIC with “Sleeve-X”. This padlock is made to accept various key-in-knob lock cylinders. (Cylinder not included). Almost any 5-, 6- or 7-pin KIK lock cylinder can be used if it has a ‘bible’ area on the cylinder. One exception is an Arrow KIK lock cylinder which has a wider than normal bible section. Fortunately there are replacement cylinders made which will accept the Arrow keyway.
PACLOCK furnishes a barrel plug which encases the cylinder bible area. PACLOCK also furnishes special drivers for Schlage, Medeco and Lori replacement cylinders. The Schlage driver used for this installation fit directly inside a Schlage threaded retainer ring and accepted the normal Schlage retainer pin. Also furnished are a shackle shaft and stopper ring.

All of these parts fit into the hardened Sleeve-X and are firmly fastened with a screw and lock washer. In use, one quarter turn on the key allows the sleeve to be retracted for padlock removal. For locking, the hockey-puck lock is positioned onto the hasp eyes; then the cylinder sleeve is pushed inward. A quarter turn on the key and the padlock is firmly locked in place.

To begin the installation , our first order of business was to check the interior of the vehicle to determine a clear location for installing the hasp. The outside door surface should also be checked to be sure that a relatively flat area is chosen. In order to find a suitable location, the inner panels were removed. The Philips screws holding the panel were quickly removed.
This Astro Van had electric door locks and the solenoid was located near the bottom of the door. The latch unit was located about 12 inches above the solenoid, so the best location for the hasp was about an equal distance between the two obstructions.

The two hasp parts were then set on the door surfaces with the hasp eyes centered between the two doors. A felt pen was used to mark the three hole locations for one of the hasp parts. A small 3/16” drill bit was used to drill pilot holes through the door surface at the three marked locations. A 5/16” drill was then used to finish the hole drilling. The pilot holes provided a starting point which prevented the larger drill bit from possibly ‘wandering’ across the door surface.

PACLOCK does have an optional truck install kit with all the parts needed to complete the installation. In this case the one-inch carriage bolts, oversize washers and lock washers were sourced locally. Oversized washers were installed inside the door cavity to add extra support. Locks washers were also used to prevent road vibration from loosening the nuts.

Once the right hand hasp portion was installed, the complete hasp system was assembled. Once assembled, the left hasp portion is firmly held in the exact finished position. Holes for the left hasp portion were then marked on the door surface. After disassembly, the marked holes were drilled using the same 3/16” pilot hole strategy. The finished job looks good, is easy to use and adds a huge amount of security to an otherwise vulnerable vehicle.
PACLOCK manufactures a variety of padlocks with solid steel aluminum or brass bodies, plus a line of laminated padlocks and hockey-puck type padlocks. Depending on the padlock style, locks can be keyed to either competitors’ keyways or keyways used with removable core cylinders. For more information contact your local PACLOCK distributor, call Pacific Lock at 818-678-6500, or visit the web site