May 1, 2008

Quality begins with the lock cylinder. My first connection with Arrow locks extends back many years. I noticed then that it was always difficult to insert a shim between the plug and housing when servicing Arrow cylinders. The cylinders were made to such close tolerances that there was no room to insert the shim. This impressed me enough to investigate the whole line of Arrow tubular locks for sales to my residential customers.

One thing a locksmith does not want is call-backs. This reporter has installed hundreds of Arrow tubular deadbolts. They have proven to be rugged, easy-to-install and have a smooth ‘feel’ when locking or unlocking.
It is the secondary, added features which make a difference.
E series deadbolts have outer collars which are designed to rotate during a wrench attack to deter burglaries. Another interesting feature is the spinning shutter which covers the access holes for retainer screws on the double cylinder model whenever the key is removed. Even if the door glass is broken, a thief cannot reach in and readily unscrew the cylinder retaining screws.
E series deadbolts use cylinder lock housings which are similar to key-in-knob cylinders. This has often been an advantage for me. The Arrow deadbolt can be used along with some other lock cylinder in order to key into an existing key system. While perhaps not authorized by Arrow Lock, it does save the stocking of several different brands of locks. Arrow also has E series deadbolts which accept small format, interchangeable core cylinders.

Arrow Lock has a full line of cylindrical handle and lever sets which can be chosen according to the needs of your customer. An example is the C series Virgo lever design. C series locks are also available in Solar, Orion and Lunar lever designs as well as Ball, Tudor and Darrin knob designs.
C series locksets are an ideal, economical addition to any decor.
They are available with passage, privacy, patio, entrance and storeroom functions. Dummy trim is also available in each design style. Latches are adjustable for 2 3/8” or 2/3/4” backsets. A freewheeling feature allows lever to turn when locked without retracting the latch.
Arrow lock has several other grade 2 lever and knob series to meet the needs of any residential customer.

Arrow Lock began a campaign several months ago to support locksmiths with business aids and sales promotions. Window decals, posters, shirt patches, counter mats and even bumper stickers are part of the campaign. Check with your local Arrow locksmith distributor or see for additional details on the advantages of becoming an Arrow locksmith dealer.