LazerTech: Affordable High Security Locks

Sept. 1, 2008

One locksmith product we can profitably depend on is high security locks. Most customers readily appreciate a system which provides key control plus a defense against both forced entry and lock picking. When compared to untrained key cutters at big box stores, locksmiths stand out as the experts who can direct customers towards the high security product which is best suited for their application.

LazerTech locks are a new entry in the high security field and contain many of the safeguards which customers are requesting. The locksets are designed to easily fit into existing mortise cutouts with little or no added mortising. According to LazerTech, they have assembled the best and most economical products from locations around the world to complete the LazerTech line.

LazerTech products cover the most popular items required when upgrading to high security. An entry function lever lock (#LT-4571) and a storeroom lever lock (#LT-4574) are both commercial grade locks. Both lever locks can be ordered with an added lever clutch mechanism for protection against forced entry. An entry function knob lock (#LT-53) and a storeroom function knob lock (#LT-80) are also available. Deadbolts include a single cylinder model (#HS-781) and a double cylinder model (#HS-782). All locks are furnished with LazerTech high security cylinders and are available in 2 3/8” or 2 3/4” backsets.

In addition to complete locksets, LazerTech also offers a lock cylinder (#LT-KID-SH) which is designed to retrofit into many existing knob and lever locks plus locks such as Schlage B160/BC160/B500 deadbolts. A combination rim/mortise (#LT-Rim-Mor-1 1/8”) is also available. The rim/mortise cylinder includes cams for Adams-Rite and Baldwin plus a rim tailpiece. Schlage, Russwin, Falcon and Sargent cams are also available from LazerTech.
Each LazerTech lock or cylinder includes an ID card for key control. With the exception of the rim/mortise cylinder, all LazerTech locksets and cylinders include five keys. The rim/mortise cylinder includes two keys. Upon presentation of the ID card by an owner, locksmiths can order additional keys from LazerTech. LazerTech has a quick turnaround time for supplying duplicate keys. A LazerTech duplicating machine is available for sale to locksmiths who want to offer in-house key duplication.

Deadbolt finishes are available in Brass, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel and dull chrome. Knob finishes include polished brass, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel and dull chrome. Lever finishes include polished brass, oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome and dull chrome.

LazerTech locks use a ‘dimple’ style key system. Tumblers are operated by key cuts milled into the side of the blank. Key control is enhanced because standard key cutting equipment cannot be used for duplication.
Lock picking is also deterred. Since the tumblers enter the keyway from the side, normal lock picks cannot be put into a position where they can be easily raised and lowered to manipulate or “rake” the tumblers.
Lock picking is also difficult because of the tumbler construction.

Each tumbler position in the lock can consist of two parts, an external hollow outer section and an internal solid inner section. Depths of cut can vary between the inner solid tumbler and the hollow outer tumbler. Dimple cuts in the key blank consists of an outer round groove (to operate the hollow external tumbler), plus a inner portion which may be cut at a different depth (to operate the internal solid tumbler).

There are five different internal pins numbered 1,2,3,4 & 5 plus four different external pins numbered A,B,C & D. Combinations of possible internal and external pin depths can provide thousands of key combinations. LazerTech also offers a pin kit plus precut keys for rekeying lock cylinders in the field.

LazerTech sells their products directly to locksmiths. Contact LazerTech for further information on becoming a dealer. For more information: or call 800-503-6859.