ASP 2008 Automotive Lock Catalog:

Jan. 1, 2009
Your One-Stop Source For Auto Lock Parts

ASP Inc.’s new 264-page catalog includes the complete product lines of Lockcraft, Hurd, and ASP, which includes more than 3,500 active part numbers. It is the most comprehensive catalog of automotive locks and lock service parts in ASP's history.

This catalog covers replacement ignition locks, door locks, rear compartment locks, fuel tank locks, glove compartment locks, and many other lock service parts for domestic and import vehicle applications, including coverage for many 2008 vehicle models. Illustrations are included to help identify specific products.

It is unlikely that any one company will ever be able to supply every part for every vehicle model on the road. Even with more than 3,500 part numbers, some applications are not covered by ASP. To help you locate parts you need, the new catalog also lists makes and models for which ASP does not have parts and provides information on other sources for those parts. If ASP has the parts, the appropriate part numbers will be listed. If ASP does not have the parts, the catalog tells you who is most likely to have what you need.

Other helpful features in this catalog are explanations of the ASP part numbering system, and substitution lists. The substitution lists can be especially useful if the exact part number you need is out of stock, as there may be a similar item that can be substituted that will get the car back on the road quickly.

Each ASP part number is assigned a popularity rating, explained in more detail in the catalog. To further assist locksmiths obtain needed parts quickly and cost efficiently, ASP is working with distributors to coordinate their stock according to the popularity ratings. It is not practical for every distributor to stock all part numbers. But with the most popular part numbers in stock at distributor warehouses across the country, the majority of locksmiths can receive the fastest possible delivery of the parts that are needed most frequently. Of course any part number not in stock at your distributor can be special ordered or drop shipped directly to you.

Distributors who keep stock according to the recommendations of ASP will be promoted through the press, and also listed on the ASP website, These distributors are making a huge commitment and ASP encourages locksmiths to support them.

Unfortunately, as with any printed catalog, this one will become out of date very quickly because of new models, new parts, and other new important information that becomes available after  the time of printing. Because of this inevitable problem, the new ASP catalog and updates will be posted on

In addition, ASP is offering an e-mail notification service. Subscribers to this free service will receive e-mail notification whenever there is any update or change to To subscribe, send an e-mail message to [email protected] with “e-mail notification” on the subject line. The e-mail notification list will remain strictly confidential and will be used only to inform subscribers whenever there is any update to

The new ASP catalog is a must for every locksmith who services automotive locks. Contact your distributor for your free copy.