PACLOCK Introduces Truck Puck Locking System

May 1, 2009
This two-part locking device leverages the strengths of the “hockey-puck” lock to provide the highest level of security for a roll-up door.

Trucks and trailers equipped with roll-up doors have security vulnerabilities that make them difficult to secure. The go-to locking solution is to put some sort of a shackled padlock through the locking handle and if equipped, an accompanying locking point on the roll-up door. The padlock is designed to prevent the handle from being rotated and thereby unlocking the door. This type of security is no longer viable for trucks carrying expensive and easy to “sell” products.

This sort of a security solution has a number of vulnerabilities – vandals can cut the shackle, pick the cylinder, bypass the lock, cut the lever arm, and so on. Still, the padlock solution tends to be the solution of choice. The only variation is a number of trucking companies are upgrading to a higher security padlock.

Many companies have developed solutions to providing a higher level of security for these truck/trailer doors. What makes PACLOCK’s new Truck Puck Locking System (TPLS) unique are three things: the solution is portable, it is as easy to operate as a padlock and the locking solution is affordable.

The TPLS is a two-part locking device that leverages the strengths of the “hockey-puck” lock to provide the highest level of available security for a roll-up door. Because this locking solution is not permanently installed, it is a portable system that can be used on more than one truck or trailer roll-up door. The two components of the TPLS, the Lock And Front (LAF) and the Lock Receiver with anti-saw shield are made of 1/4” thick steel ~ with the hockey-puck being hardened steel.

Imagine the fleet trucking companies that have hundreds, if not thousands of roll-up door equipped trucks and trailers. Every now and again, they get a job to haul important freight requiring a higher-than-usual level of security. Before the TPLS, the trucking companies would need to identify the trailers with the improved security capabilities, schedule it, and then ensure that the trailer is available and ready. This is a complex process.

Following that same scenario but with each driver carrying a TPLS in his cab, the complexities melt away. Wherever that driver goes, whatever freight he hauls, he always has the ability to be protected at the maximum level. The TPLS is small enough to fit beneath his seat when not securing the roll up door.

The initial “Truck Puck Locking System” production will support only “Whiting” brand roll-up doors. Future releases will support “Todco” manufactured roll-up doors. Since the majority of PACLOCK’s manufacturing is in the United States, we will be able to accommodate custom orders for those companies that have modified their truck/trailer roll-up door latching systems.

The TPLS has been designed with simplicity and security in mind. The hockey-puck lock is the cornerstone of the TPLS. With its hidden shackle, the hockey-puck is the platform which provides maximum security. The hockey-puck is welded to the TPLS frame on the back side of the hockey-puck which makes cutting through the welds impossible. PACLOCK’s hockey-pucks are all hardened steel.

The standard version comes with a 6-pin rekeyable brass cylinder in the PACLOCK “P0” keyway. This keyway uses the Ilco A1045, Jet AM7, JMA AME-2, American Lock PTKB-2 key blank. Restricted keyways are available from PACLOCK for an additional fee.

For those who demand the highest levels of security, PACLOCK is also making the TPLS with its patent pending “XIC” hockey-pucks that accept your SFIC or KiK cylinders from Best, Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, ASSA Abloy, and many others.

Both versions are field maintainable and you can replace the cylinder by accessing the hex head screw through the hole specially cut into the TPLS frame.

Another key advantage to the “Truck Puck Locking System” is the simplicity and ease of use. The TPLS has only two pieces - and that includes the hockey-puck. Most other systems that use a hockey-puck lock have at least three, if not more, pieces to contend with. With the TPLS, you can use your two hands to install the two pieces.

The “Truck Puck Locking System” comes in a standard black powder coated finish. Custom colors are available with minimum order sizes and slightly longer lead times.

PACLOCK has moved to 25615 Hercules Street, Valencia, CA 91355. For more information, contact PACLOCK at 888-562-5565 or on the web at

Greg Waugh, President of Pacific Lock, is a West Point graduate and former officer in the United States Army. After completing UCLA’s MBA program, he joined PACLOCK and has been the driving force behind the company’s emergence in the padlock field.