Products You Need From ESP

Oct. 1, 2009
Known primarily for key blanks, ESP’s newest products include heavy duty cam locks, replacement postal locks and a line of electric switch locks.

Mention ESP and probably most locksmiths may think of key blanks. ESP does have a line of key blanks which includes most of the popular commercial and vehicle metal head key blanks in use today. Their nickel-silver (N/S) line blanks are accurate in all dimensions to original factory specifications.
Keybows on the ESP Look-A-Like (LKA) line of vehicle key blanks are coined to look as similar as possible to original keybow designs.
ESP also manufactures Plain-coin (PLN) key blanks leaving locksmiths a larger surface for special marking. ESP PLN key blanks are all brass and are available in 250 per-box packs.
In addition to key blanks, ESP has always marketed an interesting line of cam and cabinet locks for their Quik Ship program. ESP Cam locks can fill most replacement needs. Whether the cabinet stock is 1/8” thick or 1 9/16” thick, there is an ESP cam lock replacement available. Stock cam lock keyways allow keying into other manufacturer products such as ESP, Hudson, Fort or National systems. 
A full line of straight and offset cams is available to complete the installation. Dust shuttered cam locks and a wide array of finishes are also available on special order.
Postal replacement locks are also available from ESP. Part number PTR-656UN is a clip-mounted lock packaged complete with five assorted cams to fit most applications. Postal lock PT812RN5CPA3 is identical to the PTR-656UN but uses a threaded retainer nut for secure retaining. ESP also supplies ten different postal locks with specific cams to operate most popular postal box manufacturers.
ESP also manufactures specialty locks for metal and wood sliding showcase doors, diamondback locks for desks and push-in file cabinet locks in a variety of sizes.
ESP has just sent us a few of their new lock product additions. Photo 1 shows a cam lock which can be installed in a standard double-D cutout. Heavy duty cams provide added security. The most interesting feature is that the cam lock accepts a standard padlock (not included). This allows you to use the owner’s padlock key system to secure cabinets which have double-D cutouts. Product number 117110 is for RH operation while number 117111 is for LH operation.
If your customer has Auth-Florence postal boxes using combination locks, ESP has another new product. Photo 2 shows the ESP model VRT-AF Combo Lock. Combinations can be quickly changed to four different settings by resetting the knob dial on the shaft.
ESP also has a line of electric switch locks for different applications. Photo 3 shows a special ESP electric switch which accepts three different key combinations. Each key has a different key-turn sequence, allowing various circuits to be opened or closed. The switch shown is part number SWLK100SP4T.
The ESP Lock Products Company is part of Hudson Lock Company. ESP serves the locksmith and distribution market. Consult your local locksmith distributor for ESP products or down load RSP catalogs at: