ABUS 141/200 Diskus® Integral Hasp Increases Security

Oct. 1, 2010
The Diskus Integral Hasp is a combination of the ABUS 26/70 Diskus Padlock and the Integral Hasp.

ABUS has introduced the Diskus Integral Hasp designed to provide protected padlock security for vehicle doors, double doors, gates and other means of entry where a padlock is practical for providing the locking mechanism. The Diskus Integral Hasp is a combination of the ABUS 26/70 Diskus Padlock and the Integral Hasp.

The Integral Hasp is manufactured of 1/8” thick hardened steel with three square mounting holes in the case legs. The Integral Hasp has two parts, the lock case and the strike case. The lock case has a second piece of 1/8” thick hardened steel that is welded into the lock case body. The Integral Hasp is covered with a thick Zinc plating and then powder coated, in either black or white finish. This coating protects against the elements, rust and corrosion. Overall dimensions are approximately 8-¾” long by 2 ½” tall.

The ABUS 26/70 Diskus Padlock’s case is 2.2 mm thick stainless steel with a hardened .392” diameter chromoly shackle providing more than 6000 pounds tensile strength. A hardened steel plate protects the padlock’s five pin tumbler lock mechanism from attack. The 26/70 is equipped with anti-pick mushroom pins to resist manipulation.

ABUS replacement key blanks for the 26/70 are the 24RK/26 KBR or 24RK/26 KBL. Order original key blanks from your local distributor.

The Integral Hasp encases the Diskus Padlock, protecting it against physical attack. The strike case has a 5/8” diameter staple to accommodate the padlock shackle. A staple in the lock case limits lateral movement and provides an additional degree of protection.

The Diskus Padlock is secured in the lock case portion of the Integral Hasp by a Torx screw secured retainer. The Diskus Padlock is aligned with the hole in the front of the lock case that accommodates the key in order to operate the padlock. A rubberized shutter unit swings into place covering the hole to protect the keyway from the harsh weather elements.

The ABUS 26/70 Diskus Padlock has a front keyway that is key retaining. Rotating the key clockwise retracts the shackle. At this point the two halves of the Integral Hasp can be separated. The key must first be rotated to the locked position before the key can be removed. Rotating to the locked position extends the shackle, locking the padlock and the hasp if the lock case and the strike case are interconnected.

The Integral Hasp can be mounted in any position, as the keyway is located on the front of the lock case. This enables installation having either the left or right hand door as the active door. Many of the newer vans have sliding or multiple doors on the left and right side of the vehicle.

Complete mounting hardware is included with the Diskus Integral Hasp. Included is hardened steel with Eterna plated carriage bolts, washers and nuts. The Eterna plating protects against rust and corrosion. The carriage bolts are 3-¼” long. To ensure a level mounting surface, ABUS includes one .040” thick and two .080” thick spacers.

Note: When installing the hasp onto double doors, install the strike case onto the inactive door or door that opens second.

A high security alternative to the 26/70 is the ABUS 25EC/70 Diskus Padlock that has a dimple lock mechanism using a double-sided dimple key. This dimple lock mechanism has over 10,000 possible bittings. The ABUS replacement key blank for the 25EC/70 is the EC75/30&40KB.

The ABUS 26/70 and 25EC/70 Diskus padlocks and Integral Hasp are manufactured in Germany. The Diskus Padlocks and Integral Hasp have a limited lifetime warranty.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or ABUS Lock Co., 23910 North 19th Ave. #56, Phoenix, AZ 85085. Telephone: 623-516-9933. Web Site: www.abuslock.com .