MARKS USA Expands Product Line

Oct. 1, 2010
Marks USA is now truly a one-stop company for almost any architectural hardware product.

Marks USA was established in 1977 and began by making mortise locksets. Their original products filled an important need for an economical front door lockset. Front doors of older apartments and apartment vestibule doors had used mortise locks for decades. Many of the original lock companies were no longer in business. Wear and tear had taken their toll and Marks USA mortise locks were specifically designed to replace those original units.

Following their initial introduction of mortise locksets, Marks USA quickly broadened their hardware lineup. The Marks USA catalog now shows a wide diversity of products. In addition to Grade 1 mortise locks, Marks USA now manufactures cylindrical locksets, tubular deadbolts and deadlatches, mortise locks for ornamental storm doors and gate locks for woven wire enclosures.

Marks USA also has an outstanding group of electronic security hardware products. A recent addition has been the I-Qwik Lite electronic access control system. This heavy duty, battery operated, all weather system is a Grade 2 lockset filled with features at an affordable cost. The black powder finish is complimented with handles having a 26D finish. The programmable keypad had a 160-user capacity. The I-Qwik is ADA compliant and UL listed. Popular programming features such as passage mode and temporary user codes are included. Four “AA” batteries will power the I-Qwik for up to 95,000 operations.

A variety of electrified hardware is also available from Marks USA such as electrified cylindrical leversets and mortise lock chassis. Marks USA recently announced the 175BIO biometric fingerprint reader. The unit uses four “AA” batteries and can control up to 100 users with a 4,000-event audit trail. It is teamed with an electrified Marks USA Grade 2 Survivor cylindrical leverset.

Marks USA also has a Custom Lockset Division which specializes the manufacture of a large variety of custom hardware trim and engraving. Unique Marks USA hardware containing both security and style can be found in large new structures such as the Visionaire in New York or the New Trump Tower in Chicago.

A complete line of hardware products for institutional and life safety usage is also available. Both cylindrical and mortise lockset hardware is available with push and pull trim instead of normal knob or lever trim. This meets hardware requirements in hospital and institutional settings where patient dexterity is an issue. Marks USA also manufactures a line of anti-ligature hardware. Mortise lock, deadbolt and deadlatch locks are available with cone-shaped knobs and thumb turns to deter the possibility of accidents in mental health facilities.

Marks USA offers a HI-Security ™ key system which features both security and key control. Lock cylinders contain standard tumbler pins plus a sidebar locking system. A pre-milled groove on the key blank operates the sidebar locking system while cuts for top pins can be duplicated on a standard key duplicating machine. Hi-Security™Lock cylinders are also available for popular IC core applications. Also available are Marks USA Secure-Mate™ cylinders which use standard pin tumbler construction to compliment Hi-Security™ applications. Both Hi-Security™ and Secure-Mate™ cylinders can be integrated into the same key system.

Recent additions to the Marks USA line are panic devices and door closers. M9000 and M8000 series rim-mounted panic devices are available in a wide range of architectural finishes. Door closer choices include the M8900, M8600 and M7400 series. Adjustments for backcheck and spring power, plus esthetic styling are featured.

In August, 2008 Marks USA merged with Napco Security Systems. The merger created a stronger financial base and Marks USA looks forward to more future growth and opportunity.

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