Pak-A-Punch Quick Change Kits

July 1, 2011

A-1 Security Mfg. introduces several Pak-A-Punch Quick Change Kits. Each kit comes in its own case and includes the appropriate depth knob. You can order the vise only by replacing the prefix PAK with ASM. For more information, contact A-1 at 877-725-2121.

The following list shows part number, application, code series and key blank.

PAK-KA7: Kawasaki, A111111-A444444, KW14R
PAK-KA8: Kawasaki, B8001-B9000, KW15BP
PAK-KA9: Kawasaki, 8001-9000, KW14
PAK-HY9: Hyundai,  V01-V1200 HY16-P
PAK-KA4: Kia, WD1001-WD3500, KK8-P
PAK-HY10: Hyundai, T01-T2500. HY17-P


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