It’s Automatic: New Key Machines

Aug. 4, 2022
Two new electronic models from Lock Labs and Ilco aim at different capabilities.

The key machine is an essential tool in every locksmith’s arsenal, regardless of whether they work out of a van, a shop, an institution or their home, so it’s always of interest whenever Locksmith Ledger learns of a new model coming to market.

In 2022, we know of three new key machines — two that either are or were expected to be on the market by the time you read this, and one soon to follow. We contacted each company for more information, and here’s what we learned.

Locks Labs Triton PLUS

The Triton PLUS is an updated version of the original all-in-one Triton, which was released three years ago. Lock Labs says the most important upgrade to the automatic key originator and duplicator was the inclusion of a new robust direct-drive motor and control board that will provide for future new capabilities.

The Triton PLUS replaces the Triton and comes in three editions that differ by the jaws that are included and, thus, the capabilities of the machine:

Commercial Edition: Aimed at locksmiths who primarily cut commercial and residential keys. It includes an engraving functionality, which makes it possible for customers to know who made their keys.

Automotive Edition: Designed for modern automotive locksmiths, this edition cuts 99% of contemporary automotive keys out of the box. It includes jaws for cutting Tibbe keys, plastic emergency keys, dimple keys (Nissan) and the latest edge-milled Volkswagen high-security keys. It even will cut new 2022 Honda Civic steel keys, with more to come.

Ultimate Edition: For locksmith shops that do it all, this variation cuts all automotive, commercial and residential keys out of the box and can engrave them, too. It includes every jaw and accessory available for the Triton PLUS. One particularly notable facet is the inclusion of a new Flip Blade Creation Jaw that allows you to convert mechanical key blanks into Xhorse or KeyDIY remote head keys, flip keys or emergency keys.

The machine itself and the operation are the same for all three models. For locksmiths who choose either the Commercial or Automotive editions, they have the option of buying additional jaws to increase the capability of their machine.

In addition, Lock Labs is allowing owners of the original Triton to upgrade their machine for a fee to receive the new control board, the Flip Blade Creation Jaw and a new jaw carrying case included with the three editions of the Triton PLUS. Lock Labs stresses that Triton machines will continue to receive new software updates and tech support regardless.

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Silca Poker Pro

The Silca Poker Pro is a new automatic duplicator from Kaba Ilco, and the name of the game for this machine is simplicity.

Simply put, it was designed to make key duplication “as easy as it gets,” says Ryan McGee, product manager of key systems for Kaba Ilco. “It fills a gap that we have for our electronic key machine lineup by providing a machine that can duplicate keys electronically without the additional features and capabilities of our other electronic machines.”

The Poker Pro has only two buttons, the Start and Stop. This design provides users with the most simplistic and straightforward solution to cut residential and automotive flat keys. Its four-sided clamps will allow you to cut single- and double-sided keys, as well as cruciform keys.

Reading and cutting the key are performed simultaneously, which decreases the total time to duplicate keys. The Poker Pro uses a laser reader, and the lack of a tracer point means no contact with the machine, which protects the customer’s original key.

The Poker Pro features an intuitive system of LED lights, flashes and beeps to notify you of procedural faults, such as the presence of dirt on the optical reader, the accidental opening of the shield while cutting or the key not installed.

The portable Poker Pro (35.3 pounds) also features a compact design and a protective shield to keep all key shavings inside the machine compartment.

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