Automotive Supplement 2012

May 7, 2012
Automotive Supplement May 2012

Click on the related content tab to download our entire 2012 Automotive Supplement as a pdf and use for reference throughout the year. 

Articles in Locksmith Ledger's 2012 Automotive Supplement include:

  • Bianchi Laser 994 'F' Jaw: Cutting a standard automotive key by code just got easier with the recent introduction of the 'F' Jaw for the Bianchi Laser 994. Double-sided automotive keys can now be cut.
  • Clonable Key Basics: Cloning saves time; there is no limit to the number of cloned keys and if the programmed key (master or valet) operates the vehicle, the cloned key should do the same. And vehicle PIN codes are not needed to clone a key.
  • Clonable Key Blank Chart: Our chart includes an alphabetical list of clonable key blank numbers from Bianchi, Ilco, Jet and JMA USA and the corresponding automotive makes and models.
  • Why Buy STRATTEC? STRATTEC is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of automotive locks and keys through licensing agreements with the Ford, GM and Chrysler. Products are manufactured to the vehicle manufacturer’s exacting specifications ensuring proper fit, function and durability.
  • Genuine Lishi Products: Lishi is introducing its universal GM37 2in1 pick, which will pick and decode all versions of the GM37 lock barring the new sidebar version (a new direct decoder is already under development for that).