STRATTEC Accelerates Remotes Lineup

Feb. 1, 2021
The automotive equipment manufacturer adds several new brand names to its offerings.
STRATTEC remotes now cover certain BMW models.
STRATTEC remotes now cover certain BMW models.

Whatever else 2020 was — and it was a lot — it was a big year with respect to STRATTEC offering aftermarket remotes aimed at automotive locksmiths.

Long an original-equipment (OE) provider of remote keyless entry fobs and remote headed keys for Ford and General Motors vehicles, STRATTEC added an extensive line of remote fobs and keys for 11 brands of imported vehicles during the year. It started with 36 models of fobs and keys in the spring. In November, STRATTEC added 62 more, including the first remotes for BMW and Mazda, among other brands.

“I have to remain competitive in the locksmith markets by adding these other brands and expanding them,” explains Jeff Baker, STRATTEC distributor sales manager. “If I don’t, I’m losing out on what’s already out there.”

Baker says that even though the company released nearly 100 new fobs and keys during the past year, it likely isn’t finished adding to its aftermarket remotes line, although he couldn’t say what more will appear. What’s likely is that the offerings will have broad appeal with automotive locksmiths in that any new remotes will cover an extensive number of vehicles on the road.

“We put things out that we believe are needed in the aftermarket,” Baker says. “We pick [remotes models] based on vehicles on the road.” He adds that he shoots for minimum coverage of 300,000–500,000 vehicles on the road before he decides to make a remote available that would cover that many vehicles. He says his determination is based on sales data.

For example, in the first release of aftermarket remotes, STRATTEC estimated that the models covered 58 million vehicles on the road. The recent release added another 55 million to the list.

Having that type of coverage helps to provide a viable option for automotive locksmiths eager to steer customer dollars away from automotive dealers into their own pockets.

“You go to the dealer, with some of these things, they can be in the hundreds of dollars apiece,” Baker points out, adding that STRATTEC’s fobs and keys are far more affordable, particularly for older model-year vehicles. “It makes it more economical to provide a replacement for the consumer. A Subaru dealer, a Toyota dealer, for example, has priced older vehicles out of the market.”

Here’s a look at the fobs and keys in STRATTEC’s November 2020 release:


Among the latest additions to STRATTEC’s remotes lineup are three-button fobs and keys for new addition BMW. BMW models covered include the 5-Series, 7-Series, M3 and X3 and range in model year from 2000 to 2011. All remotes require the use of a diagnostic programming tool.


STRATTEC added two aftermarket Ford remotes, both five-button fobs that cover certain models of the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. Both remotes, 5941428 and 5941425, allow for onboard programming. This is important to note, because vehicles that can use OBP-capable remotes don’t require an automotive locksmith to buy an expensive programming tool to service those.


STRATTEC’s expanded Honda line now includes Acura-exclusive remotes. Previous fobs and keys were aimed at Honda models but also included a few model years of a few Acura makes. Six new Acura-exclusive remotes consist of three-button and four-button versions and cover vehicles that range from 1999 to 2013 as well as add certain model years of the Acura CL, RL and RSX to the mix. All Acura-exclusive remotes require a diagnostic tool.

In addition, STRATTEC added 16 fobs and keys aimed at Honda vehicles. New remotes include five- and six-button versions for the first time, in addition to a broader range of three- and four-button remotes. The addition broadens coverage to models that date to 1994 and are as recent as 2018. Previously, STRATTEC’s Honda line covered models from 2001 to 2017. In addition to a broader range of trim levels covered, such as for the Odyssey minivan, the new remotes add coverage for certain model years of the HR-V, S2000 and Element. The three-button 5941411 allows for onboard programming.


STRATTEC’s November update brought Mazda vehicles into the fold for the first time by offering seven three- and four-button remotes. The fobs and keys cover vehicle model years that range from 2003 to 2015 and include the Mazda3, Mazda6, RX-8 and MX-5 Miata. All remotes require a diagnostic tool for programming.


Mitsubishi is another new name in STRATTEC’s lineup, although the two four-button keys cover only the Eclipse and Gallant. Model years covered are 2006–2012, and the 5941455 allows for onboard programming.


The Nissan line added one four-button fob that provides more coverage of Infiniti-brand vehicles to the mix, as well as the Nissan 370Z. However, STRATTEC notes that a few of the newly covered vehicles must match the Federal Communications Commission transmission ID for the remote to work. Model years covered by the new fob range from 2007 to 2015, and the new remote requires a diagnostic tool.


STRATTEC broadened its Subaru offerings significantly, going from two remotes to 10, adding four-button keys to the lineup for the first time. It also brought model-year coverage up to 2019. Previously, only Subaru vehicles as recent as 2007 were covered.

In addition to expanded coverage of popular models the Impreza, Legacy and Outback, the new remotes also provide coverage of the XV Crosstrek and WRX. One remote even covers Canadian versions of certain model years of the Forester, Impreza, STI and XV Crosstrek.

Four of the new remotes require a diagnostic tool for programming, but STRATTEC notes that four others (5941456, 5941460, 5941461, 5941463) require a PIN code for programming. The codes comes with the remote, and STRATTEC cautions against disposing of the label.


STRATTEC’s biggest line of aftermarket remotes got even bigger. Sixteen additional fobs and keys bring the line to 36 total. The big news here is that five models of three-button keys cover Lexus-brand vehicles, a new addition. Previously, STRATTEC’s Toyota fobs and keys covered only Scion- and Toyota-brand vehicles. The Lexus keys cover vehicles from 1998 to 2010 and include the ES300, GS300, GS400 and GX470. Model 5941451 allows for onboard programming.

As for Toyota remotes and keys, 11 new three- and four-button fobs and keys expand coverage to vehicles that range from 1995 to 2020. Newly covered vehicles include the Scion xA and the Toyota MR2 Spyder, as well as models that specifically were built in the United States, such as the Camry and the RAV4. All new remotes for Toyota- and Scion-brand vehicles require a diagnostic tool for programming.


A single three-button fob was added to provide coverage of VW Beetles, Golfs, Jettas and Passats that span 1998–2001, depending on the vehicle. A diagnostic tool is required.

Online Resources

To see all of the applications for all of STRATTEC’s new remotes and for more information, go to

Tom Elsner, senior marketing analyst for STRATTEC, notes that the website’s revamp in 2019 made it easier to input all the information for the 62 new remotes, which, in turn, makes it easier for customers to find the right products.

A comprehensive brochure on STRATTEC’s aftermarket website can be accessed under the tab “What’s New” and then “new products.” The brochure, “Remote Keyless Entry, Remote Head Keys and Proximity Remotes,” is a PDF document that can be printed and searched. The brochure lists models covered by each remote, including OE part numbers as a reference guide.

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