Rekeying Profile Cylinders with the 3D Wolf Printing Profile Cylinder Front Follower System

April 27, 2023

The 3D Wolf Printing profile cylinder front follower system allows you to re-key a profile cylinder from the front. Start off by removing the retaining clip from your profile cylinder and then inserting it into the profile cradle.

After you insert it into the profile cradle, install this set screw to hold it in place. It is pre-drilled and uses the threads of the actual profile cylinder itself to seat the profile cylinder

This wire is going to be our follower that goes through the bottom of the keyway. In order to get this set up properly, we used a Lishi tool to pick the lock. After the lock is picked, you then insert the wire. The wire holds the top pins in the Bible as you re-key the actual plug of the cylinder.

Photo 7 shows our key with the new key pins installed. Everything looks flush, flat and nice -- ready to go.

Photo 8 shows our cylinder, ready to accept that plug with all of those top pins stuck back up in the top.

Next, we put the plug back into the cylinder and reinstall the retaining clip. After the retaining clip has been installed, the screw can be removed after the plug is fully seated in the flat position.

The final step is to pull out that set screw and test the key in both directions. We now have a fully re-keyed profile cylinder for those cylinders that may not have serviceable options from the top. You can now re-key them with this system.

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