STRATTEC Update: Ford and Lincoln Locks and Codes

May 4, 2020

STRATTEC Security Corp. has been the leading domestic manufacturer of locks and keys for the automotive industry for many years. STRATTEC is said to be the world’s largest producer of automotive locks and keys.

One of the strengths of STRATTEC has been its ability to innovate and change with the times. Locksmiths will remember ideas such as internal weather flaps and sidebar locking systems first developed by Briggs and Stratton. As automotive security requirements increased, STRATTEC responded by offering laser-key systems, transponder security and automotive remotes.   

For many years, STRATTEC technicians attended locksmith conventions around the country and provided classes in servicing new STRATTEC products. This year, 2020, is no exception. STRATTEC has developed a training program for servicing door and ignition locks now being installed on 2020 Ford Escape and Lincoln Corsair (MKC) models.  

Both models use a laser-cut key system. Before discussing lock assembly, an explanation of the key-cut reading is essential. Begin by holding the key bow to the left and the tip of the key to the right. The key code series is 30001-31544. This tip stop key has 10 cuts. Spacing is: 992-902-811-720-630-539-449-358-268-177. Cut spacing is 0.0905. 

There are five possible depths: 0.028, 0.051, 0.075, 0.098 and 0.122. Depths are actual cuts from the top (primary) side of the key to the outer edge. Depth increments are 0.0236. All measurements are in inches. The key used for practice has cuts bow to tip of 5433124423.

Ignition Lock

Tumblers for spaces 2 through 10, bow to tip, use depth tumblers marked “R.” Install springs for each tumbler. Select the required tumblers and insert in proper order. Hold down on the installed tumblers and turn the cylinder to show the reverse side. Install the correct depth tumbler marked "L" in the second space. The first space is left vacant. Fully insert the key and determine that all tumblers are flush with the cylinder exterior. Apply supplied grease to the outer surface of the cylinder.

Door Lock

Left and right tumbler types are installed in an L-R-R-L-L-R-R-L-L-R arrangement bow to tip. Install tumbler springs in spaces 1-4-5-8-9. Install the correct depth tumbler marked “L.” Hold down the installed tumblers and turn the cylinder to show the reverse side. Install tumbler springs in spaces 2-3-6-7-10. Install the correct depth tumbler marked “R.”

2020 STRATTEC Catalog

STRATTEC has produced yearly comprehensive catalogs for decades. The 2020 catalog contains application charts, onboard programming for transponder equipped vehicles, plus illustrations of available key blanks, locks and electronic remotes. The STRATTEC catalog is free and can be downloaded at the STRATTEC website,