Keyline USA Offers New Bianca Key System

Oct. 2, 2018
A combination of popular keyways and Tile electronics creates a smart key for residences

Keyline USA literature states that Bianca is the "house key reinvented." We agree that Bianca is something different and could be a welcome addition to the keyring of every customer you meet.

Bianca is to house keys what transponder keys are to automotive keys -- and more. Keyline USA started with three popular keyways blanks including Kwikset, Schlage and Weiser while adding electronics from Tile to the keybow. Keyline USA estimates that these three keyways cover approximately 90 percent of the residential locks currently used in USA. A combination of popular keyways and Tile electronics creates the world's first smart key for residences.

An app forms the basis for operating the features of a Bianca key. Customers who purchase a Bianca key must visit Keyline USA will then request an Email address where they can send a link so the Tile app can be downloaded to a user cell phone. During the app installation, instructions will be included for operating the Bianca key. Tile electronics in the keybow are compatible with cell phones operating on IOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, Apple Watch), Android 4.4 (KitKat) or later and Bluetooth 4.0 or later.

A Bluetooth tracker in the keybow contains a small speaker. Bianca keys can be duplicated to the owner’s key combination and used on a daily basis for standard key operation. If a Bianca is misplaced, a cell phone containing the Tile app can be used to locate the lost key within a wide 100-foot range. The Bianca speaker will sound its position.

A second Bianca feature includes assistance with finding a lost cell phone. When a cell phone is misplaced, users can double tap the "B" button on the Bianca key. A phone call will be sent to the cell phone which will ring the phone even if it is set on 'silent.'

Tile apps allow access to the world's largest lost and found community. When a user walks by your lost Bianca, the location will be anonymously and passively updated.

Bianca batteries last a full year before easy replacement. Bianca keys are water resistant. Slim design, nickel plated keys easily fit on user key rings. A user starter pack is now available at your favorite locksmith distributor. Starter packs include a counter display plus (3) KW1 and (2) SC1 key Bianca key blanks.

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