Keyline Introduces Camillo Bianchi Key Reader

July 3, 2017
To save time in the shop, simply insert the original key in the slot on the front of the machine and the best possible key blank matches will be displayed.

Once upon a time, locksmiths had a smaller world of keys to know. They recognized that certain head shapes were a certain manufacturer; they were comfortable with specific keyways, and due to their vast experience, they even knew some profiles. As their business grew, adding additional staff brought a new challenge; how to train them and transfer their knowledge to someone on all their experience of key cutting and identifying thousands of keys. Then along came neuter bow keys, manufacturers using different head shapes, imports copying keyways, the extensive world of automotive technology and access control systems and the realization that one could only learn so much.

Enter the new Camillo Bianchi Reader. This new tool, recently introduced by Keyline, finally provides an answer to simplify key identification.

Used in Europe for over two years and with over 600 units in operation, it now includes an extensive U.S. and Canadian database of over 700 profiles which helps identify well over 1,000 different key blanks. The reader uses a simple recognition system displaying results on a 7” color display, using the Liger software platform designed exclusively by Keyline. It identifies both single sided and double sided edge cut keys and is standalone, requires no computer, and no buttons to push.

Simply insert the original key in the slot on the front of the machine and the best results will display for the key reference to be duplicated.  The profile recognition system checks the compatibility of the sample in the database and displays the sample image on the screen showing first the best possible match plus other very similar profiles listed below. It also displays other manufacturer’s key numbers along with the original lock manufacturer. Other key numbers shown are Ilco, EZ, Keyline USA, Jet, JMA, Strattec, and the Original number plus many others.

When the key expert is on a service call, the Camillo Bianchi Reader will save time for the person left in the shop to ascertain what blank the customer needs to be duplicated. 

While the machine is a great reference tool for identifying possible blanks for your customer’s key, skill and knowledge is still required to determine the match. You still need to examine the customer’s original key and compare to suggested blanks to determine the right match. Shoulder, tip, and length must be considered. The screen shows the image of the sample key profile. It also shows the profile differences in a different color between the sample and the suggested match. Overall it is a real time saver in identifying unknown milling profiles and can save a lot of time comparing to images in a key blank catalog.

The North American machines will be the full, advanced versions which allow a user the innovative self-acquisition feature. This feature makes it possible to create a custom database containing new blank profiles received from a customer by simply inserting the key and assigning it a number and hook location that corresponds to a specific location in your shop.

Keyline will also be periodically updating the database to include keys suggested by users or when new keys are added. Software updates can be easily done by downloading the updated software version to the included USB flash drive, inserting it in the machine, then turning it on. Updates begin automatically and in approximately five minutes, the database is up to date.

The Camillo Bianchi Reader is a compact, light tool, weighing just 9.9 pounds that will easily fit on shop counters.  It is supplied with an 110V transformer supplying 12 volt, 24 watt power to the machine. There are external LAN and USB connections supplied. The reader also comes with a two-year warranty. The North American database will be completed and machines ready for delivery by July 1st, beta machines are in some distributor locations now.

Time is money and everyone knows a satisfied customer is paramount to a continued successful business.  Keyline is proud to offer the Camillo Bianchi Reader to help a dealer reach those goals. For more information or product videos, please visit or contact your preferred distributor to order.