JustDoorToolz Simplifies Door Servicing

Dec. 1, 2016
Tools are designed specifically for commercial wood and metal doors, intended to save locksmiths time and money on door installations, maintenance and repair

Almost every hardware installation involves doors. It could be cabinet doors, residential doors or commercial doors but the basic structure is some kind of hinged panel which secures an opening. For all of the years that this reporter has been involved in locksmithing, very little has changed with door hardware installation procedures.  A hammer, chisel and assorted drill bits were the order of the day.

A company called JustDoorToolz exhibited at the 2016 ALOA convention and they can open up new horizons for any locksmith involved with either door hardware installations or door adjustment and repairs.  JustDoorToolz makes a full line of door jigs covering just about any popular type of hardware. One fence fits all of the JustDoorJigZ. All you need is a router to quickly mortise a professional hardware cutout.

The first notable feature of JustDoorJigz is its plywood construction. The thick plywood material only serves as a template guide for the corresponding router guide so the plywood material should provide accurate dependability for years to come.

Finished to perfection, JustDoorJigz are clearly marked with their intended usage such as for mortising hinges, strikes and latches. JustDoorJigz models are even available for mortising special hardware items such as Soss hinges or concealed overhead door holders. A jig system for drilling circular holes for cylindrical locks is also available.

JustDoorJigz are all designed to be used with a single fence system. Slots milled into the Jigz allow for exact centering placement.  Ratchet bar clamps are then recommended for firmly holding the Jigz in position. A similar fence and longer ratchet bar clamps are used when holding a JustDoorJigz template in position on a door frame while mortising hinge cutouts.  

Permanent Metal Templates

Products offered by JustDoorToolz extend far beyond their interesting line of JustDoorJigz.  In addition, they offer a line of permanent metal templates. These templates are designed with a 90 degree lip which fits over the top or edge of the door. Holes drilled in the metal templates are then used to precisely mark locations for hardware installations. Permanent templates are available for installing all popular makes and models of door closers plus popular commercial locks, exit devices and door stop products.    

Door Repair Tools

Another profitable market for locksmiths is door repair. JustDoorToolz has several products to simplify door servicing.  Their Original Door Dolly makes door movement a one-man job. Door Dolly contains a slot area to set the door into. Wide rubber tires allow doors to be easily transported to a distant work site.  Once at the work site, a slotted Door Stand is available which supports the door in an upright position ready for door mortising or repairs. Finally, the One-Door Bar is designed to fit under the door after it is temporarily set near the door opening. A simple downward push with one foot lifts the door into the final position while hinge pins are being installed. 

Door problems are often caused by loose fitting hinges.  JustDoorToolz carries a full line of screws with undercut heads which are designed expressly for replacing stripped out hinge screws or for installing hardware on metal doors or frames.   Other tools include a door pressure gauge for meeting ADA guidelines. a door gap gauge for meeting NFPA 80 clearance regulations, training CDs for installing Schlage, Yale and Sargent hardware, frame dimplers for installing steel frames, and more.  

JustDoorToolz literatures states: "The right Toolz 2-Use to Move, Install, Adjust and Maintain commercial doors." For further information visit their website: .www.JustDoorToolz.com or phone 954-448-6872.