ABUS: High Security for the 21st Century

July 4, 2016
ABUS Vitess.1000 High Security lock systems are patented until 2034. Technical protection such as the curved shape of the key blade and trademark protection are further safeguards.

ABUS USA has a new high security lock system called Vitess.1000. While all locksmiths recognize the ABUS name because of their extensive line of quality padlocks, ABUS Pfaffenhain is the specialist for mechanical locking systems in the international ABUS group. ABUS Pfaffenhain has a seventy year history in the manufacture of high quality security products. Vitess.1000 is one of the newest developments of ABUS.

High security usually means that the key blank design is covered by patents which provides key control, and that the lock design contains more than one locking feature which provides added resistance against manipulation with lock picking tools. Both protections are included in the new ABUS Vitess.1000 security lock system.

The first noticeable feature of the ABUS Vitess.1000 lock system is the shape of the key blade. The key blank has a noticeable curvature extending from the bottom to the top of the blade. The second feature of the key blade is a horizontal projection located near the shoulder stop. This is part of what ABUS calls the 'Intop' system.

INtop provides a second tier of locking security. The tumbler and driver nearest the face of the plug are hollow and contain a smaller diameter tumbler inside the hollow area. All ABUS Vitess.1000 keys are factory precut in the first space. As an ABUS key is inserted, the smaller diameter tumbler is raised by the precut on the key while the Intop projection raises the hollow outer tumbler portion an additional amount. If both inner and outer portions of the Intop system are not correctly raised to the shearline then the cylinder will remain locked.

Hardened pins inserted near the face of the lock cylinder protect both tumblers and housing. Tumblers in the first and third positions are also made of hardened steel. These measures are all designed to provide superior anti-drilling resistance.

ABUS Vitess.1000 locks contain six tumblers, one special Intop tumbler in the first position and five operating tumblers in positions two through six. Increments of .0137 provide 13 possible depths of cut. When compared to old fashioned 10-depth key systems, the ABUS 13-depth system provides greater flexibility and amounts of key changes when generating master key systems. The maximum adjacent cut is 7.

ABUS states that their precision profile keyway systems allows for a large number of possible key sections. When plunge-cutting ABUS Vitess.1000 keys on a manual code machine, a 'V' shaped cutter blade with a 110 degree included angle such as a Framon FC11012 or Silca U01W cutter blade is required.

ABUS Vitess.1000 lock cylinders are available to retrofit popular key-in-knob locks, lever locks, cylindrical deadbolts and 83 series ABUS padlocks. Rim and mortise lock cylinders are also available. Uncombinated ABUS Vitess.1000 lock cylinders contain factory-installed driver springs and drivers, plus a disposable follower to hold the pins in position until a plug is pinned as required in the field. Due to the curvature of the ABUS Vitess.1000 key blanks, an adaptor is available for positive retaining of the key blanks during duplication or originating.

Selling high security lock systems is a winning situation for everyone involved. Your customer gains both an increased level of security and a confidence in knowing that key duplication is controlled. Each high security lock sale adds another name to your return customer list and that customer will depend on you for future additions to their lock system plus any other security related business which may be required.

ABUS Vitess.1000 High Security lock systems are patented until 2034 ‑- a long service life and just one of the many reasons to sell this new high security system. Technical protection such as the curved shape of the key blade and trademark protection are further safeguards.

3 Levels of Investment

LEVEL 1: A locksmith keyway which is available nationally. This is a keyway sold to any locksmith with no exclusivity. This level has a minimal investment of $500 for an ABUS Vitess.1000 pinning kit. Level 1 keyway products can be purchased from any ABUS Distributor.

LEVEL 2: A regional Distributor level keyway. This level requires the locksmith to make an initial investment of $2500 in product plus a $500 investment in an ABUS Vitess.1000 pinning kit. This level includes custom stamped logo keys. A minimum of 250 blanks is required. All replacement, extensions and key cutting comes back to these level 2 locksmith businesses. Control is done by contract agreements between the Distributor and the locksmiths by geographical area. Authorized individuals are issued a card with embossed control data and a space for their signature for reorders.

LEVEL 3: A National Exclusive End User Keyway. Customer will receive their own proprietary keyway for their national territory. Initial investment and annual commitment is determined at the time of contract. Contract is controlled by Dealer/ABUS.

For more information contact your local ABUS locksmith distributor or ABUS at www.ABUS.com, 623-249-2040.