KSP Releases New Convertible Housings

July 4, 2016
Eliminate excessive inventory while providing flexibility with #408 Convertible Housing Kit for SFIC cylinders. Kit includes three each of popular mortise lock cams for Adams Rite, Sargent and Schlage

Killeen Security Products (KSP) has built a strong following since 1983 by concentrating on the manufacture of interchangeable core cylinders. Their extensive line of cylinders can easily retrofit into existing cylinder housings from lock companies such as Best, Arrow and Falcon. KSP manufactures over 15 keyways for their line of small format interchangeable core (SFIC) cylinders. Key blanks for each of these 15 plus keyways are also available from KSP.

In addition to their line of IC core cylinders, KSP also manufactures mortise and rim lock cylinder housings which accept SFIC IC core cylinders. Housings made by KSP include:

  • #306 1 1/4" mortise housings for 6-pin IC cores
  • #307 1 3/8" mortise housings which accept either 6-pin or 7-pin IC cores
  • #307 Long 1 3/4" mortise housings which accept either 6-pin or 7-pin IC cores
  • #307 XLong 1/7/8" housings housings which also accept either 6-pin or 7-pin IC core cylinders.
  • #316 tapered head housings which accept 6-pin IC core cylinders
  • #317 tapered head housing which accepts either 6-pin or 7-pin IC core cylinders
  • #308-6 rim cylinder housing accepts 6-pin IC core cylinders
  • #308 rim cylinder housing will accept either a 6-pin or 7-pin IC core cylinder
  • Large format IC core rim cylinder housing (LFIC) #308LFIC
  • Large format IC core mortise cylinder housing #407-LFIC. Both LFIC cylinders accept LFIC Schlage style IC core cylinders.

The latest release from KSP is their new #408 Convertible Housing Kit for SFIC cylinders, designed to eliminate excessive inventory while providing flexibility. The kit contains six lock housings. #408 Lock housings have exterior threads for installations in popular brand mortise locks and two interior threaded holes so the same cylinder can be used for rim cylinder applications. Parts in the #408 kit include three each of popular mortise lock cams for Adams Rite, Sargent, Schlage, clover shape and standard shape cams. Three rim cylinder tail pieces, three rim cylinder back plates, six rim cylinder retaining screws and necessary trim collars are included in the Convertible Housing Kit.

An important feature of the KSP Convertible Housing Kit cylinders is the mortise cam and rim tailpiece retaining system. The driver unit is permanently fastened to the cylinder housing. This is unlike other IC core housing products which have several loose parts which can be dropped and lost while field-changing an IC core cylinder. Two retaining screws hold either the cam or rim tailpiece as required for a very simple and fast procedure in the field.

KSP IC core cylinders are available with either a single slide cap or individual pin cap to retain the driver springs. Normal available finishes are 10B, US4 and 26D. Available KSP keyways include standard A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,J,K,L,M and Q plus 1C and 1D. IC core lock cylinders with a Special KSP KMT300 keyway are also available for locksmiths and can be used to deter key duplication at big box stores and key duplication kiosks.

Another locksmith product is the KSP EX series. An extended core projects out from the face of the plug. The extension contains keyway grooves. Keyway grooves in normal length IC core keys do not extend back far enough to bypass the nose grooves and prevents normal length keys from operating. KSP furnishes extended length key blanks which will fit fully into the lock to operate normally. KSP EX extended core cylinders can be used on exterior doors of a building to increase the security of an existing IC core key system without the cost of replacing the entire building key system.

For more information on KSP products contact your local locksmith distributor or KSP, 800-577-5397, www.iccore.com.