Locksmith Resource: Replacement Auto Remotes For Less

Nov. 3, 2014
If your locksmith business is not stocking and selling remotes then you are missing a profitable opportunity.

Every vehicle on the road in 1990 contained between three and five key-operated locks. The story is much different today. Many cars made in the last few years have just one key-operated lock and that one lock is often hidden behind a door handle cover plate or out of sight in some other location.

Key-operated locks are slowly disappearing from new vehicles as door locks, alarm systems and engine starting can be more easily and safely controlled by electronic remotes. Keys with remote heads or keyless remotes for push button start models are the latest trend. Locksmith Ledger recently visited Locksmith Resource, a company at the forefront of the remote revolution.

Locksmith Resources recognized that the cost of a new remote may be a barrier which prevents many customers from purchasing an extra remote.  Their solution was to develop a system to obtain used and unneeded remotes. Thousands of used remotes arrive each week at the Locksmith Resource offices from auto dealers, car lots, rental agencies and other sources.

Locksmith Resource personnel test and re-program remote circuit boards back to original new specifications. Every Locksmith Resource circuit board is a factory original, not an imported replacement. Finally, the circuit boards are installed into refurbished or new remote housings.  The result is a remote with factory-fresh electronic programming at a cost much lower than an auto dealer list price. Locksmith Resource has approximately 1800 different types of remotes available in stock.

Wait, there is more. A free cell phone App and a website are both available to simplify remote ordering. A background check is in place to verify and register locksmith customers before products can be ordered. Once a locksmith is registered, he has free use of the cell phone App and website.

Locksmiths can choose from car makes, models, and years of manufacture. Once a specific car is chosen, actual pictures of the remotes, remote part numbers and pricing is shown on the cell phone or computer screen. A full-screen picture of the remote can be shown to customers. When ready, click a box on the program screen and the specific remote is ordered automatically and sent to your place of business. Technical support is as close as your phone. Registered locksmiths can check either the Locksmith Resource App or website and view a listing of remotes which they have ordered and easily make decisions on which remotes to re-order.

Locksmith Ledger visited the Locksmith Resource facility where a dozen people were taking phone orders, persons were disassembling remotes while others tested and reprogrammed circuit boards. A large area was filled with their inventory of finished remote head keys and remotes.  Sensitive areas are protected continually by cameras.

Locksmith Resource is dedicated to assisting locksmith businesses in other ways in the future. As example, they are now offering a new service for sale to build websites for locksmiths.  Each locksmith website features a full line of auto remote products for sale. The general public can place an order for any auto remote. The remote is mailed from Locksmith Resource while the individual locksmith receives payment for the order and is notified of the customer E-mail address. The locksmith can then E-mail the customer and inform him of their available service for programming the new remote.  This system generates internet sales with no product stocking investment required by the individual locksmith. For further information on Locksmith Resource products or services,all 312-789-5333 or visit www.locksmithresource.com.