Ziptide Jan. 2012

Jan. 3, 2012


The following are some of the questions posted recently by Locksmith Ledger readers in our online discussion forums. Please jump in and help out a colleague at or post your question and see if your colleagues or our editors have an answer.

Sentry Safe: I have a Sentry box with code 008. The key is broken. I can't find any codes on the key. Is there another key that will work?

Installing A Three-Point Locking System: I have customer with doors with profile locks and 3-point locking system who would like electronic access installed, either deadbolt or entry. Does anyone make a system that can be installed around a vertical locking rod?

PatioGuard NDS Key Blank Source: I have a PatioGuard NDS Lock and need key blanks. Does anyone know where might I find blanks? The original keys have an MIWA logo on them and are single0sided with 6 cuts.

National Cash Register Key Blanks: I have an antique customer who has a 1910-1920 era National Cash Register, model 313. I've done some basic research on ebay, and general Google searching to find what keys are needed. I was able to track down, via a friend who has repaired cash registers for years, key #2 and the reset key. I am still looking for keys 1 and 5. I found another website that shows the profile of the keys. Was wondering if anyone knew the key blanks for these keys? I'd like to try to take the profile and make several keys. Or is this a proprietary blank and National didn't provide blanks?

Power Transfer Installation: Anyone have any tips or tool for new installation of Von Duprin Power Transfers in store front doors? I see a template on the IR VD site but what if the door does not swing much more than 100 degrees?

Candy Machine Lock: I have a customer with a "Northwestern" candy machine. It uses the Chicago C1041DN key blank. There’s no code on the outside of the plug. I tried to pick it, no luck. There's no movement in the plug. So, either the plug is that tight and very little tolerance, or the lock is corroded, or someone tried to force it. At any rate, what are my options to open it, without breaking the machine itself? It's the kind where there are M&M's in the clear glass window. You insert a quarter, turn it 360 degrees and candy drops down the shoot.

Invoicing Software: Looking for or finding a good software to replace my Treskat Advantage software. Any suggestion or help?


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