New Key Blanks and Transponders

High security sidewinder keys are becoming the key type of choice by more and more car manufacturers. Some of these keys can be used to operate the door and ignition locks while in other cases the key is enclosed in a remote fob to be used as an emergency unlocking key in case of electronic failure. Regardless of the usage, locksmiths must be prepared because customers will be increasingly asking for some type of sidewinder key servicing.

Locksmith Ledger polled several aftermarket key blank manufacturers to determine what 24 key blank numbers are most in demand. Bianchi was the first list we received, so it was used as the model for our list. New key blank numbers are always being added, so this may not be an up-to-date listing of all available keys from the five companies listed. As new blanks are added, and other aftermarket companies develop similar lists, we will update our list and print it in a later Locksmith Ledger issue.

Our chart is only a beginning list. Car companies offer several variations on the keys listed including flip keys, remotes with differing numbers of buttons and wallet keys for emergency use only. Some of the keys on the list are for older vehicles, which did not use transponder technology. As GM and Ford add more models using sidewinder locking systems, the popularity of keys for those models is sure to increase


Ford has introduced GEN 2 PEPS fobs. The second generation Passive Entry Passive Start fobs is available for specific Ford and Lincoln models. The five-button models are trunk or tailgate release buttons. All of the GEN 2 PEPS for Ford models use a PEPS Emergency Key, STRATTEC part number 5912345. Note: These part numbers supersede all previous part numbers.

Strattec part numbers and their applications are:

Ford 4 Button GEN 2 PEPS Fobs - Part #5921285: 2012 Ford Edge, 2012 Ford Explorer

Ford 5 Button GEN 2 PEPS Fob - Part # 5921286, 2012 Ford Edge, 2012 Ford Explorer

Lincoln 5 Button GEN 2 PEPS Fob - Part # 5921288, 2012 Lincoln MKX

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or STRATTEC Security Corporation, 3333 West Good Hope Rd., Milwaukee, WI 53209. Telephone: 414-247-3333 Web Site:

Advanced Diagnostics Update

AD USA has introduced software, dongles, cables, software for their Pro Series transponder programming devices and the Code Wizard Pro.

Advanced Diagnostics has introduced software for PIN code reading and key programming of Volkswagen CAN-equipped vehicles using the Pro Series programming devices. The vehicles include the: 2005-08 Jetta 2006-07 Passat 2006-2010 Beetle 2002-05 Audi A4. Note: A dealer key is required on 2006-07 Passat and vehicle models 2008 and up.

ADS-178 software is for all 2009-12 Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicle equipped with the Prox, Fobik Push to Start and PEM Systems using the Pro Series programming devices. This includes the: 2011-12 Dodge 300  2011-12 Dodge Journey 2011-12 Dodge Charger  2009-12 Dodge Challenger 2009-12 Dodge Ram 2011-12 Dodge Durango 2011-12 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Note: For this software to operate, it requires the ADS-173 FOBIK B software.

AD has introduced the dongle M for the 2004-2009 Toyota Prius models in order to program keys and fobs using the ADS-125 and the ADS-150 software.

The new Hyundai/KIA Programming Cable, part number ADC-193 enables more complete programming coverage, approximate years include 2002-2012 Hyundai and KIA models.

In addition, the new 2011 transponder programming Applications Guide can be downloaded as a PDF file.

The Code Wizard Pro (AD600) software program supports multi-vehicle brands and provides the ability to generate immobilizer PIN codes, mechanical key codes and dealer tool security codes. 

Advanced Diagnostics will be ending all of the Exchange Programs on February 29, 2012. See your local distributor for details.

SDD/TKO Update

Ilco has released four software updates for the TKO and SDD Programming Devices. They are the:

  • 2011 Ford 80 Bit System, part number BM0157XXXX
  • Mazda Prox/RKE part number BM0158XXXX
  • Toyota  Type 5 “G” System and Prox, part number BM0162XXXX
  • Chrysler Fobik B with PIN Read, part number BM0163XXXX

The 80 Bit software is for Ford vehicles using the 80 Bit Texas Instruments transponder. An 80 Bit Ford has the letters “HA” or “SA” stamped into the shank of the blade. Note: The 80 -Bit key transponder is designed to be backwards compatible, capable of operating a vehicle designed for the 40 Bit transponder.

This software update is designed for the 2011 Ford Edge, 2011 Ford Fiesta, 2011 Ford Explorer, 2011 Ford Flex, 2011 Ford F150/F250, 2011-12 Ford Focus, 2011 Ford F250/F350 Super Duty and 2011 Ford Mustang  (some models still use 40 bit system)

The Mazda Prox/RKE software updates programs the immobilizer and the Remote Keyless Entry system for the Mazda Proximity Fobs. This software update is designed for the 2010-11 Mazda3, 2009-11 Mazda MX-5 Miata, 2009-11 Mazda6, 2010-11 Mazda CX-7, 2010-11 Mazda RX-8 and Mazda CX-9

The Type 5 “G” software is for Toyota vehicles using the transponder -equipped keys having the letter “G” stamped into the shank. These include the 2011 Camry, 2010-11 Corolla, 2011 FJ Cruiser, 2009-11 Prius, 2011 RAV4, 2011 Sequoia, 2011 Sienna,  2011 Tacoma, 2011 Tundra, 2011 Venza, 2011 4Runner and 2011 Scion tC.

The Fobik “B” software is for programming Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles including the 2009-11 Chrysler 300, 2010-11 Chrysler Town & Country, 2010-11 Dodge Caravan, 2009-11 Dodge Challenger, 2009-11 Dodge Charger, 2011 Dodge Durango ,2009-10 Dodge Magnum and 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Included with the Toyota Type 5 “G” System and Prox software update are five TOY44G-PT key blanks. With the Chrysler Fobik B with PIN Read software update are five Y170-PT Chrysler POD key blanks.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Kaba Ilco Corp., P. O. Box 2627, Rocky Mount, NC 27802-2627. Telephone: 252-446 3321. Web Site:

Bianchi Application Guide Version 3.2

Bianchi has introduced its latest application guide. The manufacturer -based guide provides vehicle information including models, years, lock application, code series key system, nine key blank manufacturers (including original) and transponder type and ID.

The information requires approximately 40 pages. For this reason, the Bianchi Application Guide can be downloaded from the website

2011 JMA Key Blank Catalog

The 2011 JMA Key Blank catalog is available for downloading from the JMA USA web site. The 300-page key blank catalog contains Vehicle, Motorcycle, North American Cylinder, International Cylinder, Flat, Bit and Barrel, Cross, Pro Line, QuickBlanks and special keys. In addition, this catalog contains accessories including cutters and merchandising aids. The catalog contains more than 50 pages of indexes and cross references. The JMA Index begins on page 28. The Competitor Cross Reference begins on page 60. The Brand Index begins on page 75. The JMA USA Web Site is Go to downloads.