Re-Using Transponders: Ilco Chipless Head

June 29, 2011

Ilco has introduced the EH3C Chipless Head for their modular key system. The Chipless Head has the same shape as the two styles of Electronic Cloneable Key Heads, the EH3 (Texas Instruments) and the EH3P (Philips 2nd generation Crypto). These three heads will operate with 22 blades including the newest blade for General Motors vehicles EB3-Y-B99. According to Ilco, the 22 blades “cover 340-plus vehicle models that are approximately 95 percent of the vehicles on the roads today.”

The Ilco EH3C Chipless Head contains a removable transponder carrier that slides into the head. The carrier has four custom shaped pockets to accommodate differently shaped transponders in specific locations. The carrier’s transponder pockets “assure accurate positioning of the transponder,” according to Ilco.

Once the transponder has been inserted into the carrier and the carrier has been inserted into the head, the head is then slid onto the appropriate blade. These two parts snap together with two molded snap tabs in the head that slide into the horseshoe blade portion slots. The horseshoe portion of the blade assembly fits tightly onto the head in order to keep the two parts together.

The Ilco Chipless Head does not come with transponders, nor does Ilco sell transponders separately. It is designed to use chip or capsule type transponders from existing transponder equipped keys including mis-cut, broken, worn, old or discarded ones.

For example, a customer comes in with a worn or broken transponder key. The transponder still enables the engine to start and operate. Unfortunately, the bittings no longer operate the mechanical ignition lock. Remove the transponder from the key and install it into an EH3C Chipless Head. Originate the cuts in the proper Ilco blade. This gives the customer the ability to continue to operate his or her vehicle without the expense of cloning or programming a new transponder equipped key.

The transponder in most plastic/rubber head keys is encapsulated. The blade and transponder are placed into a mold and molten plastic is injected and allowed to cool. The molten plastic does not absorb into the transponder housing, making removal relatively easy. There are a number of ways to remove the transponder from the head.

Chart 1 is a list of the 22 blades that can be used with the Chipless Head. These include Acura/Honda, Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Fixed and Encrypted, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru regular and high security, Toyota regular and high security and Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep.

Note: The new EB3-Y-B99 blade is intended only for use with the Chipless program as it is not needed for cloning.

The chipless key head is a good addition to the Ilco modular key system in that it expands key usability. In addition, since there is no programming or cloning involved, no specialized tools are required.

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