The Key To Higher Profits

May 5, 2011

Logic America has been in business since 1997 offering a complete line of specialized locksmith supplies, key blanks, tools and equipment. In addition to their wide line of locksmith supplies, they now offer a line of low-cost Wenxing key cutting machines. Due to the increased use of automotive sidewinder keys, the Wenxing W333L sidewinder key duplicator is of special interest. Although the W333L is listed as a basic high security duplicator, it contains all the features necessary to duplicate both sidewinder and dimple-type keys.

Sidewinder key systems are now being used by almost every vehicle manufacturer with very few exceptions. In addition, sidewinder keys are now appearing on some motorcycle models. High security dimple keys and dimple keys for older BMW vehicles can also be easily duplicated with the W333L machine. The Wenxing sidewinder duplicator can open up a new, profitable market segment for your locksmith business.

The Wenxing machine provides cutter control in three planes, X,Y & Z.

Sidewinder duplication begins by properly setting the cutter and guide height alignment (Z plane). Instructions in the manual explain how to use a business card to adjust the guide height slightly higher that the cutter height. This allows smooth operation of the guide as it moves across the original key cuts during duplication.

The next step is to insert the original key into the vise jaw on the guide side and tighten in place. Sidewinder keys come in many varieties. Keys with shoulders, such as BMW, can be stopped against the vise jaw edges. Tip stop keys can be aligned at a slot in the W333L vise jaw.

Use the vertical feed handle to move the cutter downward until it touches the cutting part of the original key. Tighten the cutter at this vertical height using the vertical depth fixing screw. Next, install the key blank in the vise jaw on the cutter side of the W333L machine.

The horizontal carriage movement handle is located on the left side of the machine. When viewed from above, the cutter is turning in a clockwise direction.

The most important step in duplicating sidewinder keys is to always move the carriage in a direction which allows the sharp edges of blade flutes to engage the key blank. As example, using the carriage movement handle, begin duplicating a four-track key on the right side closest to the bow and continue cutting towards the tip of the key blank. Finally, proceed the duplicating process along the left side of the blank from tip to bow. Attempting to duplicate a sidewinder key "backwards" can result in either a mis-cut key or even a broken cutter blade.    

Do not force the cutter action. Remove material from the key blank in stages. Make sure that all material is also removed near the tip to exactly conform with the original key shape. To assure that the key blank will be seated properly, carefully remove any shavings from the duplicated key before re-installing the key to duplicate the reverse side.

Cutter alignment for dimple key cutting is identical to sidewinder duplication. According to the manual, optional hollow cutters are available for duplicating specialized dimple keys such as Mul-T-Lock.    

The Wenxing key machine is furnished with a 3 mm cutter and guide plus a 95 degree cutter and guide for dimple key cutting. Additional cutter blade sizes and shapes are available as an option. The small amount of counter space for the W333L (8 1/2" X 10") can provide a large amount of profit as more and more new cars change to sidewinders.    

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