New Uses For An A-1 Pak-A-Punch

May 4, 2011

"Unequalled precision & versatility" is the way A-1 describes the model 3T Pak-A-Punch. Proper key originating depends on cutting keys according to the individual cutter angles specified by each lock manufacturer and using the correct depth and spaces dimensions.

For precision, A-1 offers several punches for the Pak-A-Punch machine. Most popular automotive keys can be cut with the 90-degree punch, but if another punch angle is required, the new punch can be quickly changed in the field as needed. For versatility, A-1 offers a long list of depth knobs and key vise parts in order to guarantee proper depth and space dimensioning.

Three different Pak-A-Punch automotive sets are available. The PAK-MS1A "VALU-SET plus" includes a Model 3T machine plus depth knobs and key vises to originate Chrysler 7= and 8=cut double-sided keys, Ford 10-cut keys, Ford /Hummer 5-cut door keys, Ford 8-cut keys, GM 6-cut keys and GM 10-cut keys (Except G series).

The PAK-MS5" Slugger" automotive set has a Model 3T machine and includes all parts from the MS1A set plus additional parts for originating Ford Escort/Probe/Tracer 12100-12283 code series keys, Honda/Acura 5001-8442 code series keys, Nissan/Infiniti/Subaru X&Y code series keys, Nissan/Subaru vehicles using the DA34 key blank, Toyota/Geo using the TR47 & 10001-15000 series, Toyota/Geo/Hino using the TR40 key blank, Toyota/Nova using the TR137 key blank and Toyota keys using the 50001-69999 code series. The PAK-MS5 includes a carrying case.

The PAK-MS6 set completes most of the remaining popular automotive keys including Honda, Hyundai, Mazda and VW. PAK-MS6 compliments the PAK-MS5 automotive set and does not include a Model 3T machine.

Additional individual kits are available for older or low volume car models such as Kia, Land Rover, Daewoo and Hino

GM introduced the "Z" keyway and G0001-G3631 code series on the 2003 Saturn Ion. This code series has since been used on many GM car models. The "Z" blank is quite thick and tougher to punch. A-1 developed the PK6-SET bench mount accessory for cutting these keys. The bench mount provides additional leverage for cutting thick "Z" key blanks.

Versatility of the Model 3T Pak-A-Punch has been increased with the introduction of three new models. The PAK-1C includes a Model 3T plus all accessories to originate I/Core keys for either A2, A3 or A4 systems. PAK-3S includes a Model 3T machine plus accessories for originating Schlage or Schlage Primus keys. Finally, the PAK-3K kit includes a Model 3T machine and accessories for originating Kwikset keys.

In addition, the A-1 model 3T can now originate many popular keys for motorcycles. Support includes: Honda cycle key blanks HD74 and HD75 using A, B, C & D series , Honda cycle blank HD109 for J00-U99 series, Yamaha YM63 key blanks for A & B 7001+ series, Yamaha/Kawasaki/Suzuki code series A,B,C & D direct digit series, Suzuki codes series using SUZ12 & SUZ18 key blanks, plus Kawasaki code series Z5001-Z6000 using the KW16CP key blank.

Pak-A-Punch Model 3T can also be used to originate keys for Trimark and Fastec (FIC) keys which are found on recreational vehicles. Keys used for Trimark "TM" single-sided codes and 1001-2240 double-sided codes plus Fastec keys used for CF, EF & HF key codes can all be originated using the proper Pak-A-Punch quick change parts.

Refer to the website for Pak-A-Punch application charts and information on other A1 tools, keys and automotive lock cylinders which are available from your favorite locksmith supplier