Servicing Large Trucks and Semis

May 4, 2011

Probably one of the most confusing areas of locksmithing is servicing large trucks and semis. Most of these vehicle manufacturers are not associated with car manufacturers and may not have specific time or production changes. To make servicing these vehicles even more challenging, most of the manufacturers use off-the-shelf locks and most have custom coined keys with their names or logos. As of the latest information, only a couple of manufacturers have chosen to add engine immobilizers to their trucks.

Because these vehicles are using off the shelf locks, most of the key blanks are also available as generics. A generic key blank will have a very similar if not the same blade shape. If replacement key blank has wider grooves, this weakens the blade as the key does not properly fill the keyway of the lock. This can result in the key breaking prematurely.

In addition, a generic key blank may have a different shape key head and the shank may be a different length. Many truck drivers want Original Equipment, logo keys. In this article, we will attempt to provide Original Equipment and aftermarket part number options.

An additional variation is customized lock keyways. The lock manufacturer removes the millings from within the keyway and provides a solid blade key. The solid blade key will withstand more abuse before wearing out or breaking.

Two examples are the Isuzu truck locks having the N5001-N7000 code series and the Mitsubishi truck locks having the E5001-E7679 code series. A similar Isuzu key with millings is the Ilco X184/B65 key blank. This key blank can be used to operate the Isuzu trucks. The only known aftermarket key blank manufacturers who sell the non-milled key blanks are Silca with blank number ISU2 or JMA with blank number ISU-1. The Mitsubishi locks can be operated with milled blanks such as the Ilco X176/MIT1.The only known non-milled key blanks are the Silca blank MIT15AP or JMA blank MIT-15P.

To further complicate matters, secondary locks can be operated by different key blanks including IN8, Y12 and CG16.

For this article, we only included the code series for ignition and door locks.

Our chart lists the available key blank number using Jet Hardware, JMA USA, Kaba-Ilco and STRATTEC. Silca key blank numbers will be included where appropriate.

Be careful when ordering key blanks for these vehicles. Make sure you know the key blank manufacturer as aftermarket manufacturers can have different part numbers for the same key blank. For example Hino trucks using the 73000-73999 code series use the Ilco HN3 and the Barnes HN-1 key blanks.

For those locksmiths who are interested in the generic, no logo key blanks, see the following list.

1098PB is the same as the H1098DB/B16

1630-P is the same as the 1190LN/H60

1628 is the same as the Y159

1629 is the same as the Y159

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or the following manufacturers.

Jet Hardware Manufacturing Corp., 800 Hinsdale Street, Brooklyn, NY 11207. Web Site:

JMA USA, 1513 Geenview Drive, Grand Pairie, TX 75050. Telephone: 817-385-0515. Web Site:

Kaba Ilco Corp., 400 Jeffreys Road, Rocky Mount, NC 27804. Telephone: 800-334-1381. Web Site:

STRATTEC Security Corporation, 3333 West Good Hope Rd., Milwaukee, WI 53209. Telephone: 414-247-3333. Web Site: