Guide To Chrysler Remote Head, FOBIK and Ford IKT Key Blanks

April 4, 2011

Beginning with the 2004 model year, Chrysler, Dodge and Plymouth offered the remote head key with the mini-vans. Since then, just about every Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep began introducing either a remote head key or a FOBIK key as new models were introduced or existing models were upgraded. Looking at a 2010 listing of Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep vehicles, every model comes with a remote head key or FOBIK.

And Ford is not far behind. Ford first introduced a four-button IKT (Integrated Key Transponder) Key for the 2007 model year. Like the Chrysler remote head keys, this four-button remote was available with the Ford, Lincoln or Mercury logo, each a separate part number.

The STRATTEC 2011 Comprehensive Catalog lists 11 IKT, Remote Head and PEPS (Passive Entry – Passive Start) Key part numbers.

General Motors

General Motor has started making a serious effort in the Flip (remote head) Keys after having a few keyless fobs including the 2005-on Chevrolet Corvette. The Flip Key was first introduced onto the 2010 Camaro and has since expanded to a total of 13 Flip Keys and PEPS Key part numbers.

HATA and STRATTEC offer some Ford IKT Keys and PEPS Keys, and some General Motors Flip and PEPS Keys at this time through the locksmith distribution channel. Only HATA offers Chrysler Remote Head Keys at this time through the locksmith distribution channel.

In the chart below, HATA lists the “must have” Chrysler Remote Head Keys and FOBIK Keys having the Chrysler logo on the rear. The Remote Head Keys and FOBIK Keys are brand-specific, having a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep logo.


For the Chrysler charts, the number of buttons, their functions and the frequency separates the information. The next column includes the HATA part numbers for a Jeep or Dodge logo remote head keys with the same configuration as the listed Chrysler part number. See the HATA Web Site,, for specific applications. The final column is the Chrysler original equipment part numbers. These part numbers can be used to confirm the correct remote head or FOBIK Key blank is correct.

Chrysler Remote Head Keys and FOBIK Keys are available with three to seven buttons. The highest number of buttons is for the mini vans in order to operate the side doors and remote start. It is important to know that not all remote head keys with the same numbers of buttons contain the same buttons. For example, the two five-button remotes head keys on the Chrysler list have different buttons. The HAT5034 remote head key has L, UL, P, CT, T. The HAT5844 has L, UL, H, RS, P. The Sebring has a convertible top and a trunk. The minivan has a hatch and remote start.

Knowing the frequency is extremely important. The vehicle’s remote operates on a specific frequency. HAT5145 and HAT1265 are both three-button remote head keys having the same functions. However, the frequencies are different and each remote will only operate with vehicles using the same frequency.

Important: When a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep transponder-equipped key is programmed to a vehicle, the transponder becomes mated to the vehicle and cannot then be programmed to a different vehicle. This means that if the wrong frequency remote head key transponder is programmed, the engine can be started and operated; however, the remote buttons will not operate.


The STRATTEC list of the “must haves” includes the following Ford IKT keys which have the Ford logo on the rear. In addition to being model year specific, the IKT keys are brand specific, having the Ford, Lincoln or Mercury logo.

For the Ford chart the number of buttons, their functions, the 80 Bit Number and the Ford Original Equipment Part Number are included. See the STRATTEC Web Site,, for specific applications.

Note: Ford, Lincoln and Mercury IKT Keys can be programmed more than once.

For the Ford IKT Key blanks and Chrysler remote head and FOBIK key blanks, you must know make, model, number of buttons and year of the vehicle to determine the correct key part number. Use available key blank cross references to help with the determination. When in doubt, call.


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