It’s A Miracle: New Miracle-A5 Key Machine From Keyless Ride

April 1, 2011

The Miracle-A5 key machine, distributed by Keyless Ride, can either originate a new automotive key by known cuts or decode cuts and originate from an existing key. One of interesting features of the Miracle-A5 is the capability of originating most types of sidewinder, standard single-sided and double-sided automotive keys all on the same key cutting machine. Miracle-A5 instructions refer to sidewinder keys as laser keys.

A unique key vise is used. The vise contains two height levels for holding keys. The upper level holds single-sided and double-sided keys by the blade section between the shoulder and the bow. The operating end of the blade section is held away from the jaw which allows complete cutting of both sides of a double-sided key in one operation without removing and reversing the key blank in the jaws.  

Most laser keys are held by the sides of the blade in the lower level of the jaw. A built-in sensor automatically adjusts to the required depth according to the installed height of the key blank.  

All key cut depth/space dimensioning is in the machine memory. A multi-line LED screen on the key machine can be used to input the information needed for cutting almost any automotive key. Key cutting depth/space information depends on the individual car make and key blank information input by the user.

Once the car make is chosen, four key blank manufacturer choices - Ilco, JMA, Keyline and Silca - are displayed. After the key blank manufacturer is chosen, a list of auto key blanks from that key blank manufacturer is displayed on the screen. The locksmith must choose which key blank to use from the list of key blanks on the screen.

Various automotive key blank types can either use tip stopping or shoulder stopping. Depending on the length and stop type, a removable block (alignment guide) is designed to fit into one of five different slots in the vise jaw. The block is solidly held into the chosen slot by a magnet which allows the user to concentrate on positioning and tightening the key blank into place. Convenient drawings on the LED screen show which slot to use for each key type.

The final step for originating a key with the Miracle-A5 key machine is to input the key cuts. The LED screen shows the proper amount of spaces, whether the same cuts are identical on both sides of a double-sided or sidewinder key, and the depth numbering system used by the key being cut.

After the key cuts are entered, the key machine 'enter' button is pushed to begin the key cutting procedure. Miracle-A5 instructions refer to the amount of material removed during each laser key cutting cycle as 'pitch'. When cutting laser keys, the Z axis (vertical direction) of the cutter can have the pitch set to remove a small, normal or large amount of blade material during each cutting cycle. The horizontal pitch number can also be adjusted so more or less key material will be removed during each cutting cycle. Pitch control is especially necessary to protect the cutter when originating keys with harder material such as steel or nickel. While multiple cycles may be necessary to originate a key, accuracy is much more important than speed.  

Decoding Procedure

When making a duplicate from an existing key, use the Miracle-A5 decoding procedure. First, a probe must be installed in place of the milling cutter. Next, the car model and key blank must be chosen. This provides the key machine with the proper depth/space information. Finally, choose 'Decode' on the LED screen and the Miracle-A5 will decode the cuts in a matter of seconds. Decoded cuts can then be used to originate a duplicate.

The machine can be set to either make a direct copy from the depths read, or the cuts can be rounded to the nearest original depth. The advantage of this decoding/duplicating system is that each new key can be made to original depth and space specifications even though the original key may be quite worn. Only keys that are conductive electrically can be decoded

Using A Computer Or PDA

While all the required cutting information is contained in the Miracle-A5 memory and can be displayed on the machine LED screen, a computer program is included for operation on bluetooth-equipped desktop, laptop or PDA computers. The computer program provides an enhanced, easy-to-use visual representation of machine procedures. All information from the computer program is sent wirelessly by bluetooth to the Miracle-A5 machine.

New key cutting information is continually appearing.

When Keyless Ride updates are available, the new information can be downloaded to the owner’s main computer. An SD memory card located in the back of the Miracle-A5 can be temporarily removed from the key cutting machine and installed into an SD card slot on the owner’s computer for updating the new information.

The Miracle-A5 automated key machine is very simple to operate, but if there are any questions, help is on the internet. Videos on changing the cutter, how to hold shoulder or tip aligned keys and how to operate the decoding function smooth any rough spots there may be in using the Miracle-A5 key machine. With laser (sidewinder) keys appearing in large numbers on new vehicles, a laser key cutting machine is becoming an important piece of equipment for all locksmiths.

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