High Tech Tools Truck Master Access Manual

Aug. 1, 2005
High Tech Tools produces a Truck Access Manual for medium and heavy-duty trucks.

High Tech Tools produces a Truck Access Manual for medium and heavy-duty trucks. This 268-page manual covers opening instructions on 17 truck manufacturers from Autocar to Western Star. Each truck opening set of instructions begins with a picture of the passenger side or front of the vehicle. Additional pictures show the opening procedure step-by-step. In addition, there is a linkage drawing with the opening tool in place.

The trucks are divided by manufacturer, model (usually door type) or year depending upon the manufacturer. According to High Tech, not all models are listed, as many trucks do not have the model indicated on the exterior. In addition, most trucks do not vary greatly from year to year.

High Tech finds that once the manufacturer has been determined, identifying the vehicle can be accomplished using the door type. Look at the door, the locking button and compare them to the photos or linkage drawings in the opening manual.

Ten tools are used to open all of the listed medium- and heavy-duty trucks. The tools are similar to the standard car-opening tools; however, they appear to be made of varying gauge round and flat stock.

To open a vehicle, identify the make and if possible the model. For this article, we will open a Freightliner Century Classic. The instructions begin on page 64 with a side view of the Century Classic. Photo two shows the tool and wedge, their locations, and the direction the tool is inserted into the door. The third photo shows the tool in position to unlock the locking mechanism, with an explanation of what the tool is supposed to contact and the direction to unlock.

Following this instruction, there is a drawing and step-by-step procedure for position the tool and unlocking the door locking mechanism with enlargement. There is also a drawing of the tool.

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