Securitron Door Control Wizard V 2.0 Makes Access Control Decisions Easier

Aug. 1, 2005
This free software can configure a single door or multiple-door, UL approved access control project, exclusively recommending Securitron products.

Securitron Magnalock Corp. has introduced the Door Control Wizard Version 2.0, a free program to simplify the decision making process for determining access control components. The Door Control Wizard, a Windows®-based software program, contains an electro-mechanical hardware configurator, product selector, Magnalock bracket wizard, and a compilation of printable .pdf files. The .pdf files include product catalog, instructions, technical tips, and sample wiring diagrams. Version 2.0 of the Door Control Wizard can configure a single door or multiple-door, UL approved access control project, exclusively recommending Securitron products.

When the program is started, the main window is used to navigate through the choices. Making a choice requires the user to move the arrow over the desired option. For example, clicking on the Quick Product Selector opens a searchable database of the 485 Securitron products. This database can be searched by name of product or product category. Once open, the products are listed by SKU, description and list price. Pressing the back button returns to the search window. Pressing the menu button returns to the main window.

The opening of the Door Control Wizard hardware configurator asks a number of questions to provide the appropriate electro-mechanical door security. For example, the first two questions are "What is your application?" and "What is your voltage?" Below each question are answers, such as 12 or 24 volts as the two choices.

Adjacent to each question, there is a "learn more" button that can help to clarify the question. The "learn more" window describes operational information specific to the topic. For example, the Instant Exit vs. Delayed Exit "learn more" window defines and describes what each exit configuration is and where and how it can be used.

Once all of the questions have been answered, the Door Control Wizard provides a hardware schedule. Each item on the schedule can be highlighted in order to obtain an image, catalog listing and instructions. Brochures and instructions are Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf) which can be downloaded and printed. The final hardware schedule can be printed and/or stored on the hard drive. Streaming video (movies) is available for a limited number of products to show operation.

Once the hardware schedule is determined, a catalog page with product description, installation instructions, sample wiring diagrams, and technical tips can be viewed or printed. Using the available information, a prospectus can be printed for the customer.

The more powerful Door Control Wizard Version 2.0 software is installed on a computer's hard drive for full functionality. Minimum system requirements are 600 MHz Intel Pentium III or equivalent, running Windows 98 SE (4.10.2222A), Windows 2000, or Windows XP. A minimum of 128 MB RAM, and 345MB available disk space. Door Control Wizard Version 2.0 is also capable of running at reduced functionality from the CD.

For a copy of this free program on CD, contact Securitron Magnalock, 550 Vista Blvd. Sparks, NV 89434. Telephone: 775-355-5625 or 800-MAGLOCK. Fax: 775-355-5636. Website:




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