BIANCHI Repli-code 7 Automotive Transponder Key Cloner

Nov. 1, 2005
A transponder key cloner is a relatively inexpensive entrance into selling transponder-equipped keys.

The use of transponder based vehicle anti-theft systems has grown dramatically. Since 1999, more than half of the vehicles produced for the North American market are equipped with some type of anti-theft system. There are predications that more than three-quarters of the vehicles on the North American roads will be equipped with a transponder based anti-theft system by end of the 2007 model year. All vehicles built in Canada after Sept. 1, 2007, will be required to have anti-theft systems that prevent cars from being started without the use of an authorized key, according to Canwest News Service.

On more than one-third of these transponder-equipped vehicles, keys can be "cloned," which means the owners' key can be duplicated by a locksmith with a transponder key cloning machine such as the Bianchi Repli-Code 7. For those locksmiths who are not yet ready to take the plunge and invest in multi-platform transponder programming equipment, starting with a transponder key cloner is a relatively inexpensive entrance into selling transponder-equipped keys.

The advantages of the Bianchi Repli-Code 7 are three-fold. First, the Bianchi Repli-Code 7 can take the place of a transponder detector and identify automotive keys equipped with transponders. Second, the Repli-Code 7 will give you the following information about the transponder: its value and variety of the transponder and the variety; fixed code or encrypted code. For the worldwide transponder market, the fixed code transponders have "00" at the end of the four-character transponder code. For example, the fixed-code Phillips transponder is indicated by "PH00". Most fixed code transponders are clonable. Determine the year, make, and model of the vehicle and check the application chart to see if a clonable key blank is available.

The third advantage of a cloning machine is cloned transponder-equipped keys do not have quantity limitations. You can clone as many transponder-equipped keys as your customer wants. Also, clonable keys can be cloned any number of times.

In addition to cloning Bianchi clonable keys, the Repli-Code 7 can be used to clone Ilco, Jet, STRATTEC, and other manufacturers' clonable keys.

Chart 1 is a list of the Bianchi clonable key blanks available at the time of writing this article. (view chart)


Step 1. Power the Bianchi Repli Code 7. The first screen displays the name and the version of the operating system. For this machine, the version was 4.00.

Step 2. The display changes to "INSERT THE KEY AND PRESS THE READ (button)."

Step 3. Insert the customer's key and press READ (line-line) button.

If no transponder is detected, the LCD displays "TRANSP. NOT DETECTED." If a transponder IS detected, the LCD will display the manufacturer and the type of transponder. For example, if a Toyota fixed code transponder -equipped key is read, the LCD will display: "TRANSP. TEXAS TX00 PRESS READ." This indicates the key contains a transponder mechanism.

Step 4. To determine the value for the transponder key, Press READ.

The LCD for this key displays "7E 42 D935 C00000 00 004CE17E0000". This value can be programmed into a clonable transponder key. By knowing this value and the key code, an operating key can be originated without requiring access to the vehicle.


For this article, we will clone a Toyota key that is compatible with the Bianchi TOY43AT4-RW Toyota transponder key:

Step 1. Insert the customer's transponder key into the Bianchi Repli-Code 7.

Step 2. Press "READ." The Repli-Code 7 identifies the key.

Step 3. Press "READ" again. The Repli-Code 7 lists the value.

Step 4. Press "READ" one more time, and the LCD displays "INSERT THE KEY AND PRESS READ/WRITE."

Step 5. Remove the customer's key and insert the key to be cloned. For this article, we will clone the Bianchi TOY43AT4-RW.

Step 6. Press "READ/WRITE." The Repli-Code 7 displays "WRITING IN PROGRESS PLEASE WAIT" as the value is written onto the TOY43AT4-RW.

Step 7. The Repli-Code 7 displays "SUCCESSFUL WRITING." Remove the cloned transponder key.


Bianchi offers two styles of clonable transponder key blanks -- original equipment manufacturer-type transponder keys and battery powered, aftermarket transponder keys. The aftermarket transponder keys are at this point in time limited to the Texas Instrument type. These include the Ford BH72-PT-RW, and Toyota BTOY43AT4-RW and BTOY57-PT-RW. These clonable transponder keys are comprised of two parts, the blade and a removable bow (head). This allows the bow containing the transponder to be removed from the blade. Therefore, the transponder can be moved into a different blade if the first blade wears out or breaks. Replacement bows and blades can be purchased separately. According to Bianchi, the Texas Instruments battery powered transponder-equipped key blanks have an operational life in excess of 100,000 uses.

The Bianchi Repli-Code 7 can be powered by 110VAC or 12VDC using the available plug-in adapter. The 12V adaptor is not included in the original box with the machine, but is available.

The Bianchi Repli-Code 7 is equipped with a serial port and a USB port, providing the capabilities of upgrade of the operating system.

In the near future, the Repli-Code 7 will be capable of storing transponder values, generating values, and outputting to a key. This computer-based software will be available as an option.

The Repli-Code 7 is multi-language capable. To change the language, hold down the read button and turn the machine on. Press the read button to display the proper language. Then press "WRITE" to set the language.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or Bianchi USA, Inc., 31336 Industrial Pkwy., Suite 3, North Olmsted, OH 44070. Telephone: 440-716-8006. Fax: 216-803-0202. Web site: