GE Accesspoint Locking Stor-A-Key

Dec. 1, 2005
With the GE Stor-A-Key system, it's easy to keep a back-up key in a secure location, much like keeping a backup CD of personal records from your computer in a fireproof safe or off-site location.

The world is moving so fast that we have become much more dependent upon electronic gadgets and assistants for keeping track of vital information. We seem to be backing up our information on everything, with telephone numbers programmed into our cell phones and PDAs keeping track of our schedules.

But what about keeping track of our keys or, better yet, backing up our keys by purchasing extras? Simply put, more and more people are losing their keys. AAA and other roadside assistance organizations are now offering not only car unlocking services, but also residence unlocking services.

In an attempt to offer people an alternative, GE AccessPoint™ has different styles of locking and non-locking key storage. The Locking and Portable Stor-A-Keys are key boxes with resettable three-wheel combination locks. The plastic containers have foam filled storage space that is approximately 1-3/8" wide by 1/2" thick by 3" long, large enough for several keys. A movable dirt guard protects the combination lock from dirt and debris. The non-locking key storage is slightly smaller and has a clamshell hinge.

The GE AccessPoint Stor-A-Key is available in several different configurations and colors. I was given three, starting with a Locking Stor-A-Key gray body model equipped with a magnet for mounting to a vehicle, boat, etc. Second was a Portable Stor-A-Key blue body equipped with an adjustable cable tether. Third was a non-locking gray body model equipped with a magnet.

For locks equipped with the adjustable cable tether, opening the cap permits the cable length to be adjusted. To adjust the cable length after the cap has been opened, press the black cable release button on the side of the body. Once depressed, one end of the cable can open the loop or be moved in or out to one of the eight locking positions. The loop size can be from approximately 2-1/2" to 3-1/2". Closing the cap depresses the cable lock button and locks the loop size in place.

The GE AccessPoint Locking and Portable Stor-A-Key shave a three-wheel lock whose combination is changeable.

There are 1,000 usable combinations from 000 to 999. When resetting the combination, the cap must be closed.

Resetting The Combination

Step 1. With the cap closed, set the numbered dials to the combination line. The factory preset combination is "000".

Step 2. While maintaining the combination in place, rotate the "RESET" dial indicator beneath the letters approximately 90 degrees to line-up with the combination line. If the correct combination is not set, the "RESET" dial will not rotate.

Note: Using excessive force can damage the dials.

Step 3. Set the new combination while maintaining the position of the "RESET" dial.

Step 4. While maintaining the combination in place, rotate the "RESET" dial back to the original position. The combination has been changed.

Test the operation by turning the dials out of the combination. Check to be certain the cap will not open. Then turn the dials to the new combination. Test to be certain the cap will open.

The GE AccessPoint Locking Stor-A-Key has a one year warranty.

For more information, contact GE Security Inc., Supra, 4001 Fairview Industrial Drive SE, Salem, OR 97302. Web site: