Jet Introduces New Key Machine

Dec. 1, 2005
Produce a single-sided duplicate key in 10 seconds.

Chances are that If you own a locksmith business you already have a key duplication machine. If it is 10 or 15 years old, it is probably time to think about replacement of that old relic. Key cutting machines should be replaced periodically for a number of reasons. First, bearing surfaces can wear with time and use causing keys to be poorly duplicated. Second, Many newly introduced key blanks have either odd-shaped key blades or extra large key bows.

Older key duplicating machines often have the vise jaws located so close together that extra-length key blanks will not fit in the carriage. Also, fixed-type vise jaws can cause problems in holding some of the newer key blanks (i.e. Jet TR47-PH).

Jet Hardware has just introduced a new 8000 series key duplicating machine which can make a solid replacement for your present outdated duplicator. The Jet 8000 is fully automatic key duplicator and can produce a single-sided duplicate in a cycle time of 10 seconds. If desired, the machine can also be set for manual duplication.

The 8000 machine features two-way vise jaws. One side will accommodate standard single-sided keys. The jaws can be quickly lifted and rotated to the second jaw side for holding odd-key or double-sided key blanks. In addition to a shoulder stop gauge, special slots milled in the jaw face can be used with furnished adapters to locate tipstop keys for accurate duplication. Many thoughtful features are included with the Jet Model 8000.

A 1/4 HP motor is directly connected to the cutter blade which eliminates extra pulleys and possible belt slippage. A nylon brush is included. A brush switch provides 10 seconds of operation before automatically shutting off. A disc-style gauge makes quick, accurate work of adjusting the key follower. A convenient emergency shut-off switch is located in easy reach on top of the motor. All this comes in a competitively priced key duplicating machine.

For more information, contact your local locksmith distributor or Jet Hardware Mfg., web site