Cutting Keys With The Versatile Rytan RY2000 Extreme Punch Machine

Dec. 1, 2005
Portable key machine uses exchangeable components to originate keys for numerous locks.

The Rytan RY2000 Extreme Punch Machine is a portable, non-electric key origination machine for commercial/residential lock mechanisms. This red-and-black, multiple-function key punch machine uses exchangeable components that permit originating keys for different lock manufacturers including Arrow, Best/Falcon interchangeable core, Corbin, Dexter, Kwikset, Schlage, Weiser, and Weslock. To convert the RY2000 Extreme Punch Machine to different lock manufacturers' specifications, the space, depth, and vise jaw components are designed to be installed and removed.

The compact RY2000 is manufactured with a heavy-duty steel punch mechanism. A large key clamp knob with built-in thrust bearing secures the key blank in the steel vise jaws. The Depth Selector is used to set each depth of cut. The space bar sets the space dimension for each of the cuts. Depressing the 10-inch handle makes one cut and automatically advances the key to the next space position. The RY2000 is designed with easy space and depth adjustments.

To originate a key using the Rytan RY2000 Extreme Punch Machine:

Step 1. Make sure the vise jaw assembly is at the end of the cutting process. To be certain, press and controlled release the handle until the vise jaw assembly does not move. The jaw assembly will slide approximately two inches after the final cut has been made. This additional distance enables the key to be easily removed from the vise jaw.

Step 2. Loosen the key clamp knob in order to insert a key blank. The base of the key blank should be at the bottom of the vise jaw. The bottom shoulder should be contacting the vise jaw. Hold the key blank in place and tighten the key clamp knob.

Step 3. Push the vise jaw forward as far as possible. A ratcheting sound will be heard as the vise jaw moves. Once in place, the vise jaw is at the first space from the bow of the key.

Step 4. Turn the depth selector to the depth of the first cut. The center shaft of the roller bearing is the indicator for the depth of cut.

Step 5. Push down on the handle until it stops. Slowly ease the handle back up.

Step 6. Turn the depth selector to the depth of the next cut.

Step 7. Push down on the handle until it stops. Slowly ease the handle back up.

Repeat steps 6 and 7 until the key has been originated.

Test the operation of the originated key.

NOTE: After a key has been originated, clean away any cuttings remaining on the machine. This will increase the life expectancy of the punch as well as the key machine.


The Rytan RY2000 has separate space and depth adjustments to ensure accurately cut keys. The cut-to-cut spacing is determined by each of the space bars. The space adjustment is to set the space between the shoulder and the center of the first cut.

To adjust the spacing from the shoulder to the first cut:

Step 1. Determine if the distance between the shoulder to the center of the first cut is too close to the bow or if the distance is too far from the bow.

Step 2. Remove the red button screw from the cover plate. Carefully lift off the cover plate. This provides access to the space bar.

Step 3. Carefully lift the space bar out of the slot.

Step 4. Use the provided 3/32" Allen wrench to adjust the set screw towards the desired spacing. With the set screw facing you, turning the Allen wrench clockwise moves the center of the cut away from the bow of the key. Turning the Allen wrench counterclockwise moves the center of the cut towards the bow. Use small degrees of turning to make adjustments. Turning the Allen wrench one-quarter rotation, adjusts the spacing .006".

Step 5. Once the adjustment has been made, re-install the space bar, making sure the set screw enters into the slot in the vise jaw assembly. Cut several key blanks to be certain the spacing is correct.

The depth adjustment is located just in front of the Depth Selector within the end of the slot for the depth driver. A 3/32" Allen Wrench is provided to make depth adjustments. The depth adjustment is for all depths of cut.

To adjust depth of cut:

Step 1. Determine if the depth of cut is too shallow or too deep. To measure the depth of cut, use a micrometer or caliper to measure the distance between the center of the cut and the bottom of the blade.

Step 2. Insert the long end of the 3/32" Allen wrench through the hole in the release along the edge of the base. Behind the release hole is a set screw.

Step 3. Adjust the set screw for the depth driver. If the depth of cut is too deep, turn the set screw counterclockwise. If the depth of cut is too shallow, turn the set screw clockwise. Turning the Allen wrench one-quarter rotation, adjusts the depth of cut .003". Cut several depths into a key blank. Check to be certain the adjustment is accurate.


The Rytan RY2000 Extreme Punch Machine is built with the capability of originating keys for different lock mechanisms. A single-application machine is designed to originate keys for only one lock manufacturer or a specific lock mechanism. In addition, this key punch machine can be set-up as a dual application machine that can be used to originate keys for two different lock manufacturers or lock mechanisms with minimal modification.

Each machine has the capability of having two depth drivers, two depth selectors, and two punch and die sets mounted. The vise jaw is designed to cut from either the left or right side. However, only one space bar can be installed at a given time.

To convert a dual-application RY2000 punch machine to originate keys for the second lock manufacturer or lock mechanism, only the existing space bar must be removed, and the other application space bar be installed.

Note: After conversion, it is always a good idea to check space and depth dimensions.

Adding a different lock manufacturer requires additional components, which are sold separately or as Quick-Kits. Each Quick-Kit contains a depth selector, space bar assembly, depth driver assembly, and a punch and die assembly.

The RY2000 Extreme Punch Machine weighs less than 15 pounds. The Rytan RY2000 is warranted to be free from manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or Rytan, Inc., 455 Maple Avenue, Torrance, CA 90503. Telephone: 800-447-9826. Web site: