Brinks Touch 'n Open Biometric Safe

April 1, 2006
This fire safe can be opened three different ways.

The Brinks Touch ‘N Open™ Safe, model number 5084DB, is a 1.2-cubic foot interior fire safe that can be opened by placing a finger on the biometric sensor. This C/UL classified safe has a 1700-degree, one-hour heating endurance test, drop test, and re-heating test under the fireproof safe inspection provisions of the Japan Testing Center for construction material, No. JIS S 1037.

The Touch ‘N Open FingerPrint Safe is equipped with a keypad, biometric fingerprint reader, and a key lock. The battery powered keypad accepts a two- to eight-digit personal PIN code. The safe’s on-board database can be programmed with a maximum of 10 fingerprints. Important: The first registered fingerprint is the default master fingerprint and is required for registering additional fingerprints. Once the fingerprint(s) have been enrolled, the safe requires only one to two seconds to determine if a fingerprint is correct.

Once programmed, this fire safe can be opened three different ways: using the digital keypad, the override key, or the fingerprint reader biometric sensor.

For all safe opening operations, a key must be used to retract the boltwork. The FingerPrint Safe comes with three keys: two five-cut keys that operate the boltwork when either the correct PIN code has been entered or when a pre-programmed fingerprint is scanned and authorized. The third key, the Override Key, has six cuts, and is designed to unlock and operate the boltwork to open the safe door should there be an electronic and/or PIN code problem.

To set up the safe for operation:

Step 1. Open the battery compartment on the face of the safe door by removing the cover.

Step 2. Install the provided four AA batteries. Reposition the cover.

The safe is ready to be programmed for keypad and fingerprint access. To program:

Step 1. Use the six-cut key to open the safe door by inserting the key and turning one-quarter turn counterclockwise. The key should stop turning at this point.

Step 2. Use a screwdriver or similar type tool and push the recessed memory button on the interior side of the safe door. When pushed, the safe will beep and the digital display will read “CODE.” Important: the PIN must be entered within 10 seconds after pushing the memory button.

Step 3. Immediately enter your PIN Code into the keypad. The PIN must be two to eight digits, and then push the # key. The safe will emit a series of “beeps” and the PIN is accepted.

Step 4. The safe digital display will read “hold”, then “finger-0”. Immediately place your finger onto the Touch ‘N Open fingerprint sensor. Important: the finger must be placed onto the sensor within 10 seconds after the LCD displays the “finger-0”.

NOTE: The manufacturer recommends using the index or middle finger for identification as they are two of the larger fingers. This is because the position of the finger is part of the identification. Place the finger with the peak of the print in the center of the sensor. Note the location of the fingernail in proximity to the top or bottom of the sensor. This way the placement of the finger onto the sensor can be repeated, enabling quick acceptance. Do not press hard. Just cover the sensor. The sensor is sensitive; a dirty finger may not be correctly read.

Step 5. Keep the finger still for two to three seconds, the time required by the safe to read the print. Keep your finger on the sensor until the safe “chimes” and the LCD displays “good.” The fingerprint has been accepted and the safe can be opened using either the PIN or programmed fingerprint.

At this time, test the opening operations of the Brinks Touch ‘N Open Safe, making sure that the safe will unlock using the PIN and the programmed fingerprint.

To open the safe using the PIN:

Step 1. Place the five-cut key into the key lock.

Step 2. Press the “*” key to activate the electronics and begin the opening procedure. The LCD will display “hold”, then “beep”, and display “open.” Do not touch any of the keys until this happens.

Step 3. Enter the PIN into the keypad.

Step 4. Press the “#” key. If the correct PIN has been entered, the safe will “click”, “chime” and the LCD will display “good.” If not, repeat steps two through four.

Step 5. Within five seconds, turn the key clockwise and pull to open the door. If the key is not turned within five seconds, the safe will relock.

To open the safe using the Touch ‘N Open fingerprint sensor:

Step 1. Place the five-cut key into the key lock.

Step 2. Press the “*” key to activate the electronics and begin the opening procedure. The LCD will display “hold," then “beep” and display “open.”

Step 3. Place the finger onto the sensor. Do not move the finger until the safe “chimes,” the lock “clicks,” safe “chimes” again, and the LCD displays “good.”

Step 4. Within five seconds, turn the key clockwise and pull to open the door. If the key is not turned within five seconds, the safe will relock.

NOTE: Occasionally wipe the face of the sensor using a clean, dry finger. Do not use abrasive materials or caustic cleaners. The manufacturer recommends cleaning the sensor every three months with a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol, depending upon usage.

Once the opening procedure has been tested for both the fingerprint and the PIN, up to nine additional fingerprints can be programmed into the safe’s memory. Each fingerprint that is programmed will have an identification number, 1-9. Keep a record of each person’s fingerprint. The Brinks Touch ‘N Open Safe is designed to delete individual fingerprints or all fingerprints at once.

The Brinks Touch 'N Open fire safe is constructed of sheet metal outer and inner walls with a poured fire insulator. The wall thickness is approximately 2-1/2”. The door is approximately 2-9/16” thick. There are four formed locking bolts; two active and two fixed.

The outside dimensions of the Brinks model 5084DB safe are approximately 17” wide by 19” deep by 19” high. The interior dimensions are approximately 13” wide by 12” deep by 14” high. An included removable shelf with four built-in racks permits the shelf to be positioned in one of six locations. The weight of the safe is 140 pounds.

Note: The four AA alkaline batteries should be replaced annually. Installing new batteries will not erase the PIN or the programmed fingerprints.

The Brinks Touch ‘N Open Safe has a five-year limited warranty and a lifetime after fire replacement guarantee.

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