Product Spotlight: Automotive Tools

June 1, 2006
This Product Spotlight showcases tools for automotive locksmiths, including pinning kits, decoding tools and transponder programming equipment.

With A1 Manufacturing’s Picking and Decoding System for GM Double-Sided Locks, picking and decoding the traditional (75 groove keyway) ignitions is easy. After looking up the code, locksmiths can show off their technical expertise. Column- mounted ignitions can be picked and decoded in 3 to 5 minutes while the In-dash ignitions take 5-7 minutes. For information, call 877-725-2121 or visit Indicate 441 on eInquiry

Advanced Diagnostics
The new ADC 116 adapter from Advanced Diagnostics allows you to test the OBD2 port of a vehicle.
The Pin 7 indicator light will let you know whether power is going to Pin 7 of the OBD2 port. There should not be any power on this pin as this is a communication pin for most Audis and Volkswagens. If Pin 7 lights up, something is mis-wired. Do not connect your T-Code. Power on the Pin 7 will damage your T-Code.

The OBD2 Power On indicator light will let you know right away whether there is a blown fuse on the OBD2 port and whether there is proper grounding through the port. Indicate 442 on eInquiry

HPC’s newest automotive tool is the Mini Groove™ (Portable High-Security Automotive Key Duplicator The Mini Groove™ accurately duplicates high-security automotive track keys. It is powered by a rechargeable internal 12 volt DC battery or from your vehicle battery. This flexibility and its compact size make the Mini Groove™ a completely portable key machine. This extremely affordable duplicator is made in the USA and is the ideal way for you to enter this high-profit track key market. Indicate 443 on eInquiry

Ilco RW3
Kaba Ilco’s RW3 tool detects, reads, generates, archives and clones transponder and electronic “clonable” keys. When used with battery powered clonable key blanks, this unit will identify and copy Texas Instruments® fixed transponder chips. The RW3 used in conjunction with “clonable” key blanks” eliminates the need for two master keys (original keys). These keys are programmed using the RW3, eliminating the need for on-board programming. Easily installed software updates. Update notices are sent to all registered RW3 owners.

For those who currently own an RW2, Ilco has an add-on module that will up upgrade the unit to the capabilities of an RW3. This add-on is called a Tex-Code. Indicate 444 on eInquiry

Steve Young’s 2006 Quick Entry Car Opening Manual Update comes with new TT1034 Tool and is available now from Lockmasters. The new TT1034 tool is designed to locate and move the lock linkage into the unlock position on late model GM vans that have very shielded linkages. Call 800-654-0637. Indicate 445 on eInquiry

STRATTEC introduces the General Motors 93 Groove STRATpack™ 10-cut pinning kit. This 93 groove pinning kit contains three sets of five depths of wafers and springs, three styles of face cap and shutter units, two sizes of rubber gaskets, ball bearings, assorted springs, and other components for servicing and combinating GM 10-cut locks using the 93 groove keyway. The STRATTEC part number for the General Motors 93 Groove STRATpack 10-cut pinning kit is 709448.

For more information, contact your local locksmith wholesaler or visit the web site Indicate 448 on eInquiry

BRM Prog Tool
For the past 11 years, locksmiths had been locked out of the BMW Transponder key making market. American Auto Lock.Com is proud to announce there is a solution to this problem called the BRM Prog Tool. This new programming tool allows the locksmith to originate or add new transponder keys to the BMWs, Range Rovers, and Mini Coopers that use the EWS 2 and EWS 3 system without the need of computer or software.

Also new from American Auto is the BMW Two Track High Security Decoder. This precision tool made in the UK is made of the finest anodized two-toned colored aluminum which makes reading BMW Two-Track Type Locks found on BMW’s and Rovers a breeze.

For a hands-on demonstration, check out American Auto Lock.Com Booth 1400 at ALOA’s Exhibition in Las Vegas July 13 to 15. Indicate 447 on eInquiry

Strattec Code Seeker
The Code-Seeker from Strattec has a slim design that makes it easy to use. It fits comfortably in the operator’s hand and quickly connects to the vehicles OBD or similar port. Intuitive by design, the Code-Seeker can add, erase and program keys, as well as indicate how many keys have been programmed. Code-Seeker is fully upgradeable and is equipped with an expandable database that will accommodate new vehicle systems. It also comes with all the necessary adapters and cables in a handy carrying case. Indicate 446 on eInquiry