Genie Transponder Key Programming Machine

Nov. 1, 2006
The new Genie transponder key programming machine can prepare blank keys for programming the BMW, Cooper Mini, Mercedes and Range Rover keys.

While most key transponder key programming machines can clone and identify various transponder keys, only the new Genie can prepare blank keys for programming the BMW, Cooper Mini, Mercedes and Range Rover Keys. These car manufacturers use the Philips RFID Tags which are Crypto Type Keys. As a result, the locksmith can to be able to do more vehicles and increase his or her bottom line.

Another unique feature of the Genie is its small size. The unit is half the size and weight of the other machines present in the locksmith market. It’s size is a mere 6” by 4 ½”, powered by a small transformer with no need for an internal battery. The Genie also comes with software at no extra charge if one wants to archive data, program or change passwords on various type RFID Tags that are not locked.

The Genie easily clones the following RFID Tags: T5 20, T5 33, Temic 1/32, Temic 1/40, Texas Instrument 4C (TIRIS Circuit Board Type)and Phillips 73 and does not need software to perform this task. The machine has six buttons: R (For Read), W (Write), 1 and 2 (Designates which format to clone the key via instructions on the LCD display), Esc (Escape Key) and the Enter Key.

The first page of the Genie Software displays all the type of RFID tags it can process. The blue type indicates that these keys can be cloned; however, the red type indicates an identification which is helpful if you are reusing your old transponder keys by removing the chip and installing it into one of Jet, Silca or Keyline’s “Keys less chip” products. This has save locksmith some money since transponder keys can cost as much as $70.

See Chart 1 for a full listing of clone keys.

Unfortunately not all the “keys less chips” are available for some car manufacturers like the Freelander and Mercedes. To get a customer on the road with these keys, we took a rubber head and cut a cavity in the head of the key, then inserted the chip in the rubber head and sealed it with black epoxy. It may not be the prettiest key but it is functional and the customer can drive the car home. In my opinion in the future, key manufacturers will be making a wider variety of transponder keys since there is equipment coming unto the marketplace and competition is now global.


The photo on page 24 shows the front page of the Genie software. (Notice the Archiving of the customer info on the bottom of the screen). The archival storage is only limited by the hard drive space of the computer. Blue Type indicates keys that can be cloned. Red Type indicates read only.

The photo on page 25 shows the Phillips Type Screen with data loaded for the number three slot key used for BMW, Mini Cooper or Range Rover type vehicles using the BRM Tool.

Locksmiths can now purchase either the two or four track BMW type keys from American Auto and be able to prepare their own keys to what key slot they wish to program into the vehicle. We will be making the BMW files available to those who purchased a BRM tool from us.

We have been testing a tool with success in programming the Mercedes ML & A Class vehicles using the OBDII Port. As soon as we come up with a solution in having Mercedes Transponder Two Track Keys, we will be making this tool available. Again, the Genie will have value in preparing these type of keys. Stay tuned to for new developments in this ever changing automotive transponder world.


American Auto's BRM Programming Tool allows the locksmith to add transponder keys to the BMWs, Range Rovers, and Mini Coopers that use the EWS 2 and EWS 3 system. BRM Prog Tool is a black box that snaps over the micro-controller of the EWS and opens up only the slots into which you want to program keys. From the factory, these vehicles have four keys. That leaves a reserve for six more keys to be ordered from the OEM.

The VAP Login Detector can program Audi / Volkswagen transponder keys on more than 90 percent of the Audi and Volkswagen models. Unlike the older version called VA-Code, this new unit fills in the gaps that other aftermarket scan tools can’t program. In the North American market, the VAP Login can do 2002 to 2005 ½ Beetles, all the Robert Bosch systems found on Audis, the 2004 Touareg, and Porsche Cayenne.

Slide-DeCoder is a newly patented lock decoding tool that reads the key cuts on high security locks. The Audi / VW is the first of the series with more to come in the near future. It is made of a durable strong stainless steel with no spring wire. With little practice a locksmith can easily read the correct key code. This tool works very well on the old style locks that you find on 2001 and down and Audi / VW locks and also works well on the Type 2 style locks that you find on 2002 and up.

The tool slides for the spacing you want to read and then pressing down on the pivotal lever the lever has a metal tab that lifts the disc wafer until it bottoms out. On the opposite side of the lever is a pointer that indicates on a line scale the spacing and depth that you are reading, making the reading of the lock simple.

The key depth scale includes four bar lines with the number four depth at the top and number one at the bottom. By pushing down the lever several times in an oscillation fashion, it tells you two things. First, if the lever does not spring back at the spacing you are currently reading, this indicates that the disc wafer is on the opposite side. You will have to invert the decoder into the lock until you feel spring pressure resistance because the disc wafer is pushing the lever back and, by what is read on the indicator when the lever motion bottoms out, is a reading of the key depth.