New From Framon

Dec. 1, 2006
Framon Manufacturing Company, Inc. introduces the JD-12 duplicating machine.

Framon Manufacturing Company, Inc. introduces the JD-12 duplicating machine, designed exclusively for detention keys such as mogul and paracentric.

The JD-12 incorporates cnc-grade linear ball bearings on both the X & Y axis, as well as hardened rods. This gives the machine an extremely smooth motion and allows precise user control. Similar to Framon’s Sidewinder high security automotive duplicator, a control lever is mounted on the left side of the machine to control carriage movement.

Due to the larger size of detention keys such as Southern Folger and RR Brink, a wider carriage is required and special vises are needed to hold the keys. If you are not familiar with detention keys, most are at least 5” and are made of brass, bronze and many are cast. The JD-12 can handle cutting all of these types of keys.

An interchangeable guide allows the machine to be converted from cutting mogul-style keys, which are similar to a standard pin tumbler lock, to cutting paracentric keys, which more closely resemble safe deposit style keys. Both cutting wheels on the machine are made of solid carbide. Changing the machine over from mogul to paracentric takes approximately one minute. The machine is preset at the factory and should not need adjusting when switching from one configuration to the other. Common sense should prevail, however, and a large number of keys should never be cut on any machine without occasionally checking for proper adjustment.

The JD-12 is the first Framon key machine with a new powder-coated finish on the guards. On all previous machines, guards were painted and clear coated. The powder coating provides for a longer, heartier finish on the guards.

Supplied components with the JD-12 include two different cutting wheels. A carbide FC078P cutter handles mogul-style keys, and a carbide DBC1088 slotter takes care of the paracentric style keys. The DBC1088 is .088” in width. The included guides match the profile of their respective cutters. A selection of Allen wrenches is also supplied with the machine in case an adjustment is ever needed.

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