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Feb. 1, 2007
Product Spotlight


Gardall introduces several gun safe products, available in three sizes: 5517, 6024, and 6030. Three-way bolt work, double layer of fire protection, powder coat paint, and Group II locks are included on two models.

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The all new Wilson Gun Safe is engineered to provide secure storage and fire protection for your valued gun collection. Fully adjustable shelves and partitions provide flexible storage options. Add the new S&G fingerprint lock and never have to remember a combination or code again. Wilson Gun Safes combine an attractive look and style with industry-leading security features, all at an affordable price.

Models include Gun Safe 6022, Gun Safe 6030 and FPX20 Fingerprint Access Pistol Box.

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LA GARD brings to market the SMARTPOINT biometric safe lock. Offering multiple users, multiple locks and increased audit capability, the SMARTPOINT offers the most features of any biometric option available. The most likely place for a biometric lock would be high usage, multiple user environments. The use of biometrics negates the need for keys which are costly to maintain and replace. It’s also a security issue answer. Codes can be given out to others or lost but with biometrics, the user must be present.

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INKAS Super Tuff

Inkas’ “Super Tuff” original composite burglary and fire resistive safe is designed for business and residential use, for those who need the right kind of protection with out the intimidating size and cost of most high security safes.

This product is used by the financial sector, government agencies, and jewelry stores.

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A member brand of the FireKing Security Group, Adesco Safe’s product line has been expanding dramatically, and now includes: TL15 and TL 30 composite safes, fireproof file cabinets, cash handling safes, and gun safes.
The residential line includes the US Series one-Hour fire Safes, Composite Burglar and Fire Safes, Floor Safes and Utility Cabinets. Business safes include several models of deposit safes, composite burglar and fire safes, floor safes, bank-quality tool resistant safes and utility cabinets. For more information, visit
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New to Pro-Lok’s affordable safe line is the GLSF-FC15 Economical Fire Resistant Chest and GLSF-FR31 Fire Resistant Safe.

The Economical Fire Resistant Chest offers 30 minutes of fire resistance with internal dimensions of 13” W X 8 ½ ” D X 4” H. The convenient handle offers portability while the tubular key offers added security. It holds 8 ½” X 11” size documents without creased edges.

The Fire Resistant Safe offers 30 minutes of fire resistance with internal dimensions of 14”W X 11 ” D X 9” H. The removable interior shelf can hold both small and large valuables. The solid steel construction and double chrome plated locking bolts adds extra protection. The user friendly 3-8 digit codes are easily changeable and emergency manual override keys are included. The LED light on the electronic keypad indicates both security and battery status. Pre-drilled mounting holes and 4 replaceable AA batteries are included. Packaged in colorful retail packaging that will create impulse sales.

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Kaba Mas

Part of the worldwide Kaba group, Kaba Mas is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-security electronic locking solutions. A range of self-powered, battery and mechanical locks address the functional needs of a variety of container applications.

Kaba Mas’ Auditcon family of electronic locks was developed to address the security requirements of a broad range of retail, commercial and industrial markets. Utilizing the award-winning PowerStar™ technology, the Auditcon’s security cannot be compromised by outside manipulation and provides unprecedented audit capability, making it an effective deterrent to internal theft.

The Auditcon 2 Series of safe locks offers many housing styles and accessories to suit your individual needs. Kaba Mas offers both round and vertical housings.

Model 52 is an entry-level lock, without auditing features. Model T52 is similar to the Model 52, with additional time delay capabilities. Model 252 offers time delay, audit trail, and an optional Auditcon 2 Series software interface. Model 552, offers time delay, audit trail with date and time stamp, time windows, and an optional Auditcon 2 Series software interface.

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A&B Safe

A & B Safe Model WS-30-9 is a multi door safe for the control of currency in the retail store, food service market and many other cash-handling environments. This safe can be equipped with the traditional locking mechanisms, dual key locks and mechanical or electronic combination locks.

Also the safe can be equipped with the LaGard SmartLinc lock which can control all three doors and provide many levels of security and audit capabilities.

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S&G Biometric Keypad

Sargent and Greenleaf’s biometric keypad is designed for a quick and easy retrofit upgrade to S&G electronic locks. Top mounted fingerprint technology for easy accessibility. Backlit LCD display makes set up and operation simple, even in low light environments. Set for Fingerprint or PIN code or fingerprint and PIN code access. External two-battery compartment makes battery changes a snap.

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